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Big Style, Small Space

Meet Austin Varner. An interior designer hailing from Memphis, TN with a keen eye for style and a Southern accent that can charm even the most brash New Yorker. Paving her way into the interior design world, this up-and-comer has worked for the likes of Mark Hampton and recently launched her own company, Varner Interior Design. Based in NYC, she’s tasked with overcoming the problem we’re all faced with: space (or lack their of), something us city girls can never seem to get enough of. Whether cramming on the subway, or trying to fit everything in your tiny apartment, there always seems to be a shortage of personal space for one to enjoy a relaxing moment.

Today, Austin shares some ways to live in and decorate a small space, without cramping your style!

1. Separate your sleeping area from your living area.

This is absolutely a MUST. Until you separate your entertaining space from your sleeping space, it is almost impossible to create a home where you do more than sleep. By separating the two, you allow yourself a space all your own (your bedroom) and a space for guests to relax as well. As you can see in this project, I have used three bookcases to separate the two. Bookcases are always a great way to do this because they also allow for more storage in addition to dividing a room. Keep in mind: choose a divider that isn’t too open. If you go with bookcases, make sure you plan to fill them with books and/or baskets for more storage. Using something too open will not create a true divider. If you’re not into books, try a screen!

2. Loose the dining table.

When living in a studio, you must create a space where everything can have multiple purposes. Dining tables take up too much space for as sporadically as they’re used. Your living room can serve as a lounging area as well as a dining area. Just make sure to have multiple types of seating, including things like this Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams ottoman coffee table. It’s large enough to work as a small dining table, coffee table, and even as more seating!

3. Embrace the space as it is.

While dividers will make a studio seem more like a one bedroom, there is no way to escape the fact that it’s still just one room. For this reason, keep your decor consistent throughout. As you can see in this project, I carried the wall color, as well as fabrics, throughout the bedroom area and living area. The euros on the bed are in the same fabric as the sofa pillows – this allows for the the space to be appreciated as one room, while still working as two.

Austin Varner is an interior designer based in New York City and a regular contributor to Minkette. Austin Varner at Varner Interior Design LLC is dedicated to making every space luxurious, livable, and most importantly, all your own. In these blog posts you will find my tips on how to make the most of your smaller space, without sacrificing style and form. For more information on Varner Interior Design LLC, please visit www.varnerinteriors.com

Credits: Photos c/o Austin Varner