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To Die For DIY

Florals are no stranger to spring shows at every fashion week (not that we’re complaining), and this year, one particular Rebecca Minkoff flowery print, called Acid Bloom, served as the muse for this gorgeous DIY nail art. Let’s just say we’ll be stealing this idea for our own nails come spring time – that is, if we can paint between the lines! Check out the DIY steps below and tweet us at @rebeccaminkoff to show us your design.


Gather a variety of colors in red, orange, pearly white, teal, royal blue and pastel yellow plus a base and top coat.

Start with a pearly white base coat.

1. Using strips of tape, section off a thin vertical stripe on every nail except the ring finger, where you’ll tape diagonally.

2. Starting with light yellow, make small organic shapes on each of the nails with the vertical strips. (This is an abstract design, so don’t worry about making the shapes perfect.) Paint the diagonal tip of the ring finger turquoise.

3. One by one, layer on organic shapes of the orange, blue, turquoise and red.

4. When the ring finger is dry, peel off the tape.

5. Do the same organic design on the top white half of the ring finger as you did in numbers two and three. You don’t have to tape it off if you’re careful not to overlap on the turquoise.

6. When all the colors are dry, gently peel off the tape and paint top coat over your nails.

Photo Credit: She Knows