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Color Crush

Jealous Tri-Zip Satchel in burgundy.

Burgundy – by definition, a rich red color like that of a Burgundy wine – lives up to its “elegant red” reputation in the form of luxe leathers, tuxedo-inspired trousers, letterman-style blazers, and everything in between. Our love of this color runs as deep as the reddish shade itself. Here are five reasons why we’re crushing on this season’s hottest hue:

1. Not as intense as a true bright red and not as quirky as a purple, this perfectly in-between shade is easy to wear and pairs well with most everything in your fall wardrobe. Let’s face it: What other color can stand in seamlessly for your go-to bag, your wear-with-all denim or your statement leather jacket?

2. Just like your basic black, it looks great on everyone. Seriously. Name one person who can’t pull it off. That’s what we thought.

3. While burgundy reigns as a fall fashion favorite, this intense color is also a belle of beauty, ranking as one of the most popular lipstick shades among women.

4. Not a fan of the berry-kissed lips look? Burgundy is also a killer nail color, also known as Swing Velvet, Tiney Wine-y and Scarlett O’Hara in Essie lingo.

5. Burgundy is not only a color, it’s one of 27 regions of France and home to Burgundy wine. Who doesn’t love anything related to wine or France? Not us!

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Credits: The Marcy Stop.