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Get Schooled on the Stars

Get Schooled on the Stars

No, not the Hollywood stars. We’re talking the real stars and the astrologers that have the mind-boggling job of interpreting them. With the recent launch of Rebecca Minkoff’s zodiac necklaces as part of her new jewelry line, we had the unique opportunity to chat with twin sisters Tali and Ophira Edut, astrologers for Elle magazine and (ironically) to the stars themselves: Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder and Sting, to name a few, have all been clients of this dynamic duo. Read on to see what the Eduts’ have to say about your zodiac sign and their captivating careers as astrologers.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Insightful, loyal, mystical

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Candid, colorful, adventurous

Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Devoted, ambitious, capable

Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Idealistic, collaborative, inventive

Pisces (February 19-March 20): Dreamy, poetic, wise

Aries (March 21-April 19): Fierce, individualistic, competitive

Taurus (April 20-May 20): Grounded, luxurious, practical

Gemini (May 21-June 20): Friendly, curious, clever

Cancer (June 21-July 22): Nurturing, sweet, intuitive

Leo (July 23-August 22): Warm, theatrical, glamorous

Virgo (August 23-September 22): Observant, generous, astute

Libra (September 23-October 22): Loving, social, romantic

We got our start in astrology when…

This is a totally accidental career for us, but one that we realize is so meant to be. We were both studying fine art at the University of Michigan when we became obsessed with the stars. Ophira’s college boyfriend gifted her with an astrological chart for her birthday, and we were so fascinated with its accuracy. We got a piece of software and started doing all our friends’ charts and voraciously devouring every book on the subject. We’ve studied with a few teachers here and there, but we are essentially self-taught. We could study this topic our whole lives and never learn everything there is to know. (Funny factoid though: We both went to Space Camp in sixth grade…perhaps some foreshadowing?) But, people who have a good mind for interpreting codes can learn this – you don’t have to be psychic, just intuitive.

Our mantra is…

“We bring the stars down to Earth.” What good is it to know about the stars if you can’t apply it to your everyday life? Our aim is make astrology accessible to people so it can be used to help with timing important events and understanding your own patterns. We also don’t believe anyone is a victim of the stars. Learning about your zodiac sign (and entire chart) can illuminate both strengths and areas of growth that you can then work on improving.

How we work together as twins…

We work as a duo when it comes to our writing, but usually do readings for clients separately. We just wind up seeing and saying the same thing anyway and we can overwhelm people by talking in stereo. Our voices are pretty similar.

Astrology is both intuition and science because…

Anyone with a basic understanding of geometry can learn the science of astrology. The interpretation part comes from intuition and experience. We are constantly taking self-discovery and self-development classes, working with coaches and stretching our boundaries. That’s how we’re able to offer real world advice to our readers.

How astrology guides us in our daily lives…

We always go after what is in our hearts, but rarely are we out of sync with the stars. It seems like opportunities open up for us right when the stars give the thumbs up. For example, Ophira got pregnant just a few days after Jupiter (the planet of expansion, and our ruling planet as Sagittarians) began a yearlong tour of her motherhood house. When we meet people, finding out their astrological signs is always one of the first few questions. We don’t discriminate against any sign, but we know how to approach them better from this info. For example, you can get totally personal with a Gemini within a few beats, where with a Capricorn, we will generally stick to “safe subjects,” like trading credentials while they warm up.

 What we love about being astrologers…

It’s like a gift from the heavens, we pinch ourselves every day that we get to do this. We love inspiring people with uplifting, “you can do it!” advice. Plus, it’s almost like having nonstop girlfriend talk. When we were teens, we immediately spent our babysitting money on a phone so we could talk with all of our friends about their lives and issues. In some ways, being astrologers is like a grown-up version of that.

The correlation between your zodiac sign and personality is…

When people ask, “Hey baby, what’s your sign?” they are actually referring to your sun sign. The sun sign is what you read about in general horoscopes in newspapers and magazines. But when you were born, all the planets, plus the sun and moon, were connecting to different zodiac signs. You can find out where all the planets were by running a natal chart. (We offer a free chart with a mini interpretation on our site astrostyle.com.) In our case, our sun sign is Sagittarius, but when we were born, the moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus were all in Scorpio. So, while we like to travel and work in publishing, which is typical of Sagittarius, the Scorpio influence makes us drawn to the mystical, gives us the ability to work with the code of astrology and makes us interested in people’s hidden selves. Only someone born within a few minutes of you will have the same chart as you. Our charts are the same, but some twins have very different charts! We recommend that people interested in learning more about themselves run a natal chart. You just need your time, date and place of birth. It’s especially fascinating to find out your moon sign, which governs your emotional self.

The inspiration behind our book, Love Zodiac, is…

Love Zodiac is a guide to the men of every zodiac sign. It gives the in-depth, real deal, how-to-handle him info, like how to prep for the first home visit, what it takes to get him to the altar, and what it really means when he doesn’t call. We believe that any two signs can be compatible as long as you learn how to work with your guy’s cosmic quirks. Instead of ditching him because he’s different, Love Zodiac is about figuring out how to stop doing the wrong things with the right person.

The book was inspired by our own personal fascination with figuring out the opposite sex. Hey, we admit it: When we were single, we would always run to the astrology section of the bookstore to figure out what was really going behind the minds of the guys we were into. And we’ve helped so many clients with relationships—love is the number one thing people ask about—that we just had to write it.

We also have a new book out called Shoestrology: Discover Your Birthday Shoe. It’s a fun little gift book where we selected a shoe for every day of the year and wrote how it fits your birthday-based personality.

We bring glamour to astrology by…

Maybe it’s because we went to art school, but we’ve always appreciated the healing and uplifting power of beauty. Astrology can help you cultivate your aesthetic choices, from the clothes you wear to the way you decorate your home or office. We find that crisp, purist Virgos (or people who have Venus in Virgo in their charts) often like to decorate with white or a minimalist scheme. Aries thrive with deep reds, oranges, fuschia and purple around them—or on them. We inject fashion into the horoscopes we write and will soon be publishing e-books that are a guide to everything from how you can entertain, travel, and decorate according to your zodiac sign. The stars in the sky are glamorous, beautiful, twinkling entities. Why not infuse our lives with that same beauty?

 We’re successful because…

Passion and obsession. We would be talking about astrology even if we weren’t getting paid to do so. We often tell our clients, if you want to find your ideal career, look at the thing you do obsessively in your free time. This is usually the last thing people thing they’d get paid to do, but often the one area where the greatest abundance lies.