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Metallic Muse

With Rebecca Minkoff Jewelry a buzz in our offices this month, we’ve had our eyes on anything and everything metallic. Today, we came across this exquisite 1974 photo of a Paco Rabanne metalwork headpiece and dress, and we were instantly intrigued. A little lesson on Rabanne: An eccentric Spanish designer and Parisian transplant, Rabanne, known as the “l’enfant terrible” of 1960s fashion design, got his start in the fashion industry by designing jewelry for luxury labels like Balenciaga, Dior and Givenchy. In 1966, he launched is own eponymous label marked by distinctive, avant-garde designs using odd materials like metal, paper and plastic. Since then, Rabanne has enjoyed a lifelong career of creativity with work as a costume designer, an artist and a perfumer. Today, his collection lives on, continuing the warrior-esque themes that so distinguished him as a fashion designer during his reign in the 60s.

For your (our) visual enjoyment, we’ve included some more metallic marvels by Rabanne below.

Credits: Formidable Magazine