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Prints on Prints

This fall is ushering in an eye-catching trend: prints on prints. A street style photographer’s dream (we’re sure Tommy Ton is basking in this coloful fashion moment), prints are adorning outfits in more ways than one: from head-to-toe pajama-like suits to artfully mixed ensembles. If you opt for the latter, you might find yourself walking the line of avant-garde bravado and questionable taste, quite possibly making your peers think they missed the memo about Tacky Friday. (Now, we wouldn’t want that.)

To help ease you into this stylistic challenge, here are a few tips to mixing prints that will leave you looking effortlessly cool.

1. Mix large with small prints. If you mix prints that are relatively the same size, you risk the two competing with each other. Try mixing a large print with a smaller print to avoid making a fashion faux pas.

2. Keep the colors close. It’s often easier to mix prints when they’re not polar opposites on the color scale. Try prints that are in the same shade range for an off-beat approach to monochromatic dressing, e.g., all shades of blue or red.

3. Mix textures. Patterned metallic jacquards and lightweight silks will work better together than two prints of the same fabrication. Similar to the size rule, mixing the same or similar fabric will cause the two patterns to fight for the spotlight.

Featured: Leah Dress in yellow, Mitchell Moto Jacket, Diva Heel in charcoal patent leather, Nylon Travel Tote in black, Mini M.A.C. in red.

Credits: Shopbop.com

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