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Rebecca On

Now that we’ve had a peek into Rebecca’s bohemian loft in NoHo, we had to ask: What does she do in this picture-perfect, inviting home? Host dinner parties, of course. (That is, when she’s not working, playing with Luca, traveling or enjoying a night out with her actor/director hubby, Gavin Bellour.) After a feature in Elle earlier this year showcasing her Indian-themed dinner party, we knew she would have something great in store for festive, feel-good fall entertaining.

What I love about planning dinner parties

Cooking is a no-fuss, enjoyable and relaxing process for me, and having people over for dinner is a great way to enjoy a special time with your friends. I love everything about it.

My favorite fall dinner

Pumpkin or sweet potato soup to start. For a salad, I love my mom’s recipe for a mesclun salad with roasted veggies, goat cheese and crispy garlic. For the main course, I would go with roasted chicken, and for dessert, apple crumble.

When I only have 10 minutes to cook, my go-to meal is

Roasted chicken (can you tell I love roasted chicken?) and arugula salad with parmesan and olive oil, lemon and mustard dressing.

My entertaining and cooking style is

Pretty eclectic. I’m not much of a baker.

The magic number of people to invite is

No more than 10 people. If you invite more than 10, you don’t get to talk to everyone. Now that I have a kid, I usually don’t invite more than six people.

I like to entertain

Twice a month.

My secret to the perfect dinner party

Keep it relaxed. I also like to buy dishes from different places when I travel so it makes the table setting colorful and festive.

Table setting from Rebecca’s Indian-themed dinner party earlier this year.

I make each dinner party memorable and special by

Great music. Gavin has an amazing record collection and is also in charge of the playlist (which means switching the records out).

I like to decorate with

Fresh flowers always do the trick. I use peonies whenever possible – they’re my favorite!

My best dinner party memory is

I don’t necessarily have a best story, but I definitely have a few funny ones. One time my friend was having a few of us over for dinner and she unknowingly dropped her cell phone in the fondue pot. Naturally, she was in a panic looking for her phone the entire night. She found it the next morning when she was doing her dishes – and it still worked! She called to tell me, and I have never laughed so hard. Another time, I was cooking an Indian-themed dinner for some friends. Elle magazine was doing a shoot about the dinner, so I borrowed a huge table for the occasion. When it came time to return the table, we couldn’t get it out the door so we had to get someone to come and saw it in half to remove it!

Credits: From Me To You, ELLE