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Work It

Ever wonder what the RM team wears to work? To put your wandering imaginations at ease, we’ll be posting a monthly Style File on a particularly stylish RM individual to show you exactly what season’s trends you’ll find gracing our office. This month, we have our eye on Ellen Fry, our Ready-To-Wear Material Research and Development Manager.

What Ellen’s Wearing: Zara Spain Embellished Sweatshirt, American Apparel Denim Shorts, Rebecca Minkoff Special Edition “Hex” Collection Handbag from Fall 2012, Rebecca Minkoff Harlis Loafers in leopard print and Warby Parker glasses.

My style is…Laid back, a bit tom-boyish. Comfort is key, and I like my fair share of sheerness.

My style influences are…My family. I grew up in the midwest with two brothers and a sister. I would get baseball jerseys and hand-me downs from my brothers and sister and somehow make them work into a sporty, but cute, outfit. I would also help my dad pick out his suits, ties and shoes, which introduced me into the world of the higher-end men’s apparel, materials and leathers. I would say that the sporty side of me comes from my brothers, and the part of me that desires calfskin boots, cashmere sweaters and the finer things in life comes from my dad!

My go-to outfit is…In the summer, a crop shirt, high-waisted shorts and a pair of Nike Air Max shoes (or heels!) are my go-to pieces. In the winter, an oversized sweater with a pair of skinny jeans and boots and a leather moto jacket. I also love unique rings and bracelets.

Digby & Iona Double Ring, Balance Jewelry from the Young Designers Market in Soho and the Rebecca Minkoff Special Edition “Hex” Collection Handbag from Fall 2012. (Get Ellen’s look with the Rebecca Minkoff Endless Love Satchel in burgundy.)

My work style vs. weekend style…It depends on what I’m doing and where I’m going! I ride my bike and go for runs in the park. You will usually catch me in work out gear during the day and jazzed up at night.

My day-to-night approach is…Usually whatever I wear to work is what you will catch me out in! I might change my shoes (I have about five pairs in my desk drawer!). I keep things pretty simple.

Rebecca Minkoff Harlis Loafers in leopard print.