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It’s Supper Time

There’s a new publication on the zine scene – it’s online, it’s free, and it’s chock-full of expertly curated cultural content. Supper Magazine has been created by a Brooklyn-based bunch who are voracious for stories, and generous in their telling. The beautifully illustrated articles will certainly satisfy a curious appetite – main courses of art, design, and an eccentric new sport, sides of short fiction and snarky TV criticism are topped off with a dash of fashion and music.

The inaugural issue features an interview with Spirit Family Reunion, a killer playlist with new and old, some honest style commentary, and much more. It’s available at suppermagazine.com – just click, download, and enjoy it anywhere.

We interviewed editor-in-chief Nat Tingley and creative director Martha Main about the conception, collaboration, and recent inception of the project.

Where did the name Supper come from?

Supper got its name from, well, supper. The magazine is meant to bring people from different walks of life together and open up a discussion about what it is they do. Think of Supper as big long picnic table and each article as different dinner guest – everyone brings something with a different flavor.

What was the motivation behind creating this project?

The project was born out the current Supper Team’s collective need to make work. More specifically, we all wanted make work that we really believed in. We’re fortunate enough to know a lot of awesome people doing a lot of awesome things. Why wouldn’t we want to write about them?

Where do you guys hold Supper meetings?

We hold Supper meetings in the weirdest bar I’ve ever walked into. It’s called Tropical 128 on Elizabeth Street in Manhattan. It’s hard to describe, but think of a jungle themed (like with vines and a koi pond and a trees and fake snakes) bar combined with a dance club, a pool hall, a Chinese gambling den, a beer hall, and a tree house. It’s awesome and they have fantastic greyhounds.

What can we look forward to in the next issue?

Oh boy. You can look forward to a lot. We’re still putting it all together, but at the very least you can look forward to features on a Brooklyn based skateboard company, a lighting/toy designer, a musician and a professional athlete. You’ll also be able to read about Supper’s best album picks, our new Good/Bad, and the next installment of “The Burial.” That’s not to mention the other goodies that make Supper so dynamic.