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Music Moment

Lead singers Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer.

 Back in New York after a busy year of touring the country and overseas, Savoir Adore is celebrating the release of their new and third album, Our Nature. The vocal elations and soaring melodies of Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer are served up over some searing synth. The songs are as ethereal as the album art, bringing uber-catchy, echoing tunes. “Dreamers” and “Loveliest Creature” are RM’s top album pics. And, oh yeah, we can’t get enough of Muro’s collection of performance-worthy dresses.

On the verge of being a little obsessed with the lead-singing duo, we were beyond elated to meet them and pick their brains after a recent NYC show.

Your voices seem to meld together onstage, how did you find each other?

We found each other at NYU. We met at a songwriters club at NYU and ended up playing a lot of shows together. Eventually, Diedre and I both had similar interests in breaking out of the singer-songwriter, acoustic thing that we were doing. So, it kind of began as an experiment and it just happened naturally. We recorded an EP together, and didn’t really realize how special it was until later.

How would you describe Savoir Adore’s music to someone who has never heard it?

I would say it is wild fantasy pop.

How did you build out the band to a full five-piece?

We built the band out of necessity. At the beginning we didn’t have the idea of performing as a band at all. We did the five; now, this is the best form of Savoir. We’ve been playing with these guys for a year now.

What is your favorite NYC venue to play at?

Music Hall of Williamsburg is totally awesome.

How would you describe your songwriting process?

It changes all the time, consciously. Part of the idea of the band was to challenge each other. We would start together, riff on ideas. Whenever we would find something that we liked, we’d layer it. We’ve written in a more traditional sense with bass and guitars in a room, and also several songs were sent back and forth via email. Our song “Dreamers” was written over three years, piece-meal. It changes every time and that’s part of the process itself.

It’s a long process to create the album, and we are very happy that Our Nature is finally out there.

How has it evolved from your last album?

We spent more time on all the song-writing production and the recording. We took the process that we’ve done in the past and elongated it, allowed ourselves to polish things and not be so incredibly impulsive. Whereas we would sit with things more, we would tailor them, go back and re-write them. It was a totally different experience for us. Who knows how we’ll write out next record.

Deidre, we hear that you have a side project as well. What is that sound like?

Deidre in the Dark is spooky 60s pop. Paul plays bass; Timmy, our drummer, plays drums; Alex, our guitar-player, plays guitar; Alex’s girlfriend sings in the band – I do this to myself. The web of our music, relationships and life is so intertwined, it’s great. It’s a fun project to do in the midst of everything else.

Credits: musosguide.com