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Scene from Exit Through The Gift Shop

It’s Christmas Day and you’ve just indulged yourself in all the honey baked ham and (insert vegetable and cheese here) casserole you can handle. What’s left to do? If sledding, skiing or any other exciting wintery activities are not on the docket, you’re likely staying in with the fam and calling it a movie night. In case Home Alone and The Holiday have been on repeat all weekend and you’re looking for something a little different, we’ve curated a list of our favorite art and fashion documentaries to get your culture fix. The best part? They’re all available on Netflix.

Eames: The Architect & The Painter: Ever heard of Charles and Ray Eames? The Eames chair? We guarantee that, after watching this creative love affair of a documentary, you will notice the couples’ postmodernist influence around every corner. You will now be able to converse at ease with your roommate’s too-cool-for-school furniture-designer friend who always comments on your crown moldings. Trust us, this entertaining and illuminating doc will give you a wide range of conversational design knowledge, with a good measure of history thrown in as well.

Helvetica: If you don’t know what Helvetica is, then this one sounds like a sort of vampire/horror film. If you are aware that Helvetica is a font, then you are probably thinking, “Why on EARTH would I spend my valuable time on the Flix watching a documentary about fonts??” On both accounts, you have been grossly mistaken. It’ll take you on a typographical tour of global visual culture that is weaved into your day-to-day life. You will begin to look at the white spaces between letters in a whole new way.

The September Issue: If you didn’t get around to seeing this Vogue documentary about the making of their fattest, most fashion-packed issue of the year, then take the time to check it out. Grace Coddington is the break-out favorite of the film. With her new book just out, it’s nice to look back and see when we first fell in love with her and crazy red hair.

Exit Through The Gift Shop: For an edgy street art fix, tune in to anonymous Banksy and his narrative look at a French graffiti artist’s work in L.A. The intrigue, suspense and grit will make you want to quit your day job and start tagging.

God Save My Shoes: Over here at Rebecca Minkoff, we love shoes. But this documentary is not just about women who love shoes, it’s about women who idolize, obsess over, dream about and drool over anything pointy and stiletto. They name them and treat them like children. For a good laugh and a little glimpse into the insane shoe closets of the likes of Fergie, this is a must-see.