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When it comes to holiday makeup, nothing says “hello, gorgeous” like a lush set of lashes. Sure, you can use “mega wattage” mascaras to try to get the look, but nothing compares to a full set of falsies to amp up your smokey eye.

Today, the guru of lashes herself, Coutney Akai, shares her favorite lash looks for the holiday season. Be warned: They’re bold, beautiful and perfect for batting at the hot guy across the bar.

1. Candied Lashes: These are individual metallic lashes that add instant shimmer and can be put on with regular extensions. I recommend getting five of the glittery lashes added to each eye, so as not to over-do it.  For a less permanent look, I suggest trying gel eyeliners; they can be painted directly onto your natural lashes for instant holiday glamour!

2. Mink Lash Extensions: We are one of the few lash boutiques in New York to offer this super luxe mink alternative. No animals are harmed in the process; they are brushed for their hairs. Mink provides the most natural, lush lash look available and are ideal for special occasions to spruce up your look! They also last longer than regular lash extensions and have less impact on the natural lash. Making just a few lashes longer than you usually go adds holiday glam to any look, especially when accentuated with liquid liner.

3. Colored Lashes: As an alternative to regular all-black extensions, you can get color extensions put on along with the black extensions. For festive holiday fun, try red and green extensions to give a little pop of color to your eye, or the signature Courtney Akai Hot Pink. You could also do-it-yourself by adding just one coat of colored mascara to false lash strips. I love Dior colored mascara!