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On Holiday

Perrie is wearing the Blair Clutch in metallic silver tweed.

When it comes to trend-spotting and cool-hunting, nothing compares to the acuity of “the editor’s eye.” So with the holidays on our minds, we enlisted StyleCaster’s Senior Fashion Editor Perrie Samotin to lend her fashion savvy to shopping for the holiday party season. Get your pen and paper ready, ladies, this lust list is sure to ignite your fancy for glam accessories and gadgets galore.

What’s on your holiday “lust list” this year?

Another 13 perfumeI’m desperate to get my hands on a bottle of this amazing scent, a collaboration between AnOther magazine and NYC-based fragrance lab Le Labo. I’ve been on a mission ever since my former colleague was wearing it, but it’s pretty much impossible to get a hold of because it consistently sells out. I recently managed to hunt down a small sample, but a full bottle is number one on my wish list. 

iPhone Photo PrinterNothing beats an actual photograph, and this mini gadget (it’s the size of a tissue box!) is able to print high-quality pictures directly from my iPhone. I’d write thoughtful notes on the back of meaningful pics and send them to my friends and family at holiday time (or any time!). 

Rebecca Minkoff All Pave Thinnest BangleI love, love, love this super-skinny bracelet! Most days, I’m fairly minimal when it comes to jewelry, so I look for pieces that are restrained in design but still cool in concept.

Oscar De La Renta Plush RobeLast month, I spent a couple of days at the North Block Hotel in the Napa Valley, and they had THE most amazing bathrobes in every room, and I’m kicking myself for not buying one. They were super-plush without being bulky, and it took everything I had not to lay around in it all day (there was wine to be tasted, after all!). This version is well-priced and looks super cozy.

What do you plan on gifting this holiday season?

This might sound nuts, but Chanel makes these really soft Egyptian cotton cosmetic pads that make an extremely luxe hostess gift. It’s $20 for 100, and while it might be a bit label-centric, it’s also sort of a treat for anyone receiving it.

Do you have any fun holiday traditions?

A few years ago, my now-husband and I found ourselves on Fifth Avenue during holiday time, and we popped into The St. Regis for a fancy cocktail. It was so festive—and so quintessentially New York—that we’ve started doing it yearly. Also, my sister Jenna was born on New Year’s Eve, so every year my whole family and all of our friends go out to a big dinner and celebrate. 

How will you be celebrating the holidays?

Since I’m lucky enough to have most of my family and friends right here in New York, I’m planning on staying put. I’m also planning to use the time I have off to sort through my closets and donate coats and warm clothing to Hurricane Sandy victims, via New York Cares.

How would you describe your holiday style?

For holiday dressing, I tend to pair dressy bottoms (silk pants, leather shorts, a super-long evening skirt) with decidedly non-dressy tops like a plain gray sweatshirt or standard T-shirt. Not only does it provide a cool, effortless contrast, but it allows really special pieces to shine. 

What’s the coolest holiday gadget that you’ve come across this season?

I just discovered GiftLab, a new website that curates stylish present ideas for you based on occasion, budget and age. Even if I don’t buy the exact items they suggest, it’s a great resource when it comes to gifting inspiration!

Credits: Photos by Serena Goh