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Hi there fellow Rebecca Minkoff fans — Amy here, I’m ELLE DECOR‘s Web Editor, which means I look at beautiful things for a living, and that Pinterest is an active part of my day (are you following us?) Here at ELLE DECOR our Editor in Chief, Michael Boodro, rounded up the top five trends he predicts are going to be BIG in 2013. And one month in I am already seeing them pop up — in the magazine, my favorite stores, and interestingly enough, within the outfits of the super-stylish ED editors. Where I’m not seeing them yet? My friends’ apartments. (Come on guys, get on it). So I put together a quick guide to bringing Michael’s brilliant trend recap to anyone who lives for ED style and wants to bring it home in easy, quick ways.


Kitchen by Kelly Wearstler. Photography by Mikkel Vang

How ED Does It: Glamorous custom staircases, cocktail tables, and if you’re lucky, an entire kitchen island.

How You Can Do It: Accessories is the key word. Bring brass touches to your tables — dining, cocktail, and bedside — with pieces like brass salt-and-pepper shakers, a tray for loose ends, and a vintage alarm clock.


Barnaba Fornasetti‘s living room. Photography by Andrea Ferrari

How ED Does It: Dramatic hues in big places, like an emerald green sofa or the deep green walls on our Jan-Feb 2013 cover.

How You Can Do It: Invest in some green paint (blue-green is a favorite around here) and tackle the inside-facing door to your home. I promise you won’t miss the plain white door at all.


Alex Papachristidis‘s living room. Photography by Richard Powers

How ED Does It: Rooms papered in hand-painted papers or coverings embellished with glass beads and crystals. The ones your Pinterest page is probably filled with.

How You Can Do It: Splurge on the most gorgeous paper you can find — one that speaks to you, one that you would paper your entire dream house with — and buy the minimum amount. Frame pieces of it in frames big and small. Try a cluster on one wall, or spread throughout the house if you want to see it wherever you go.


Casper Vissers‘s living room. Photography by Inga Powilleit

How ED Does It: Exotic lace curtains, Lace-inspired furniture by Marcel Wanders like the cocktail table seen here.

How You Can Do It: Use lace accessories in your home the same way you would in an outfit. Just like a lace tee is the perfect foil for a leather jacket or boyfriend jeans, a lace pillow or tablecloth is just the thing for a sofa or table that feels a bit cold.


Family room designed by Robert Stilin. Photography by William Waldron

How ED Does It: Serene rooms decorated with textured materials in shades of cream and off-white, like this beach house I wish I lived in.

How You Can Do It: You’d think this was the easiest one to translate to your home quickly but the art in this trend is the combination of sophisticated neutrals — not simply bringing in a set of beige plates to an overly layered table. The bathroom is your best bet for this one: stock up on a variety of plush towels in cream, bring in a new bathmat in luscious tan, and replace your shower curtain with something neutral as well. Polish off the look by pulling all your lotions and creams into a beige lacquer box.

Thanks for having me, RM.edit! Hope to see you over on ELLEDECOR.com (or say hi on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!) and don’t miss our March issue on newsstands February 5.