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The New Wave

Edgy waves backstage at the Rebecca Minkoff Spring ’13 runway show.

New year, new hair – that’s our motto. With the onset of 2013, we say a sweet goodbye to 2012 and our “old” selves and take on the new year with an appetite for reinvention – especially in the hair department. We asked TRESemmé Celebrity Hairstylist John D. what the hottest hairstyles of 2013 will be and how to get the look. Enter a new wave of, well, waves, as well as a diverse selection of chopped bobs, accessories, textures and ponytails for this year’s most effortless looks.

“Trends for 2013 hair abounded this past season on the runway. Overall we saw lots of texture with an emphasis on ease and lifestyle. The hairstyles are wearable, fun and free.”

- John D., TRESemmé Celebrity Hairstylist

Undone/Grungy Waves

These undone bohemian waves aren’t going anywhere this year. In fact, they’re even a bit bolder, less bouncy and more undulating. This year’s waves are calling for a touch more of a messy bed head-y look, a la the 90s.

Get the look: Blow dry hair that has been loaded up with TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse. For this undone style, don’t use a brush! Just use your hands to help with the drying. Take large sections and twist them a bit to encourage long loose waves. After hair is dried, spray fingertips using TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Non Aerosol Hair Spray and loosen up waves just a bit using your hands. The result will help manage any crazy fly aways and maintain the undone style all day long.

The Chopped Bob

This will be one of the trendiest cuts this year. Women have been bogged down by extra long hair and extentions over the past few years. And, it’s time to change it up. Many are opting for a blunt, yet texturized, style ranging somewhere between the chin and the top of the shoulder. A super chic length that is new, playful and offers a variety of styling options!

Dual Texture (Wet/Dry)

This look is a fun way to really change up a style. And, if you’re in a pinch for time, it’s also really easy to achieve.

Get the look: Try using TRESemmé Mega Firm Control Gel. When hair is towel dried, add a quarter size dollop to the front of the hair line. Use a wide-toothed comb to set hair and comb in desired direction. Make sure that the gel only gets about as far back as the crown and sides (just behind the ears). Allow the style to air dry. The result will be a slick look at the front or top and a dry natural texture on the ends.

Ultra Low Ponytail

I love the ease and effortlessness of this style. A ponytail is just one of those looks that really never goes wrong. And this year we are seeing a cool adjustment to the old stand by.

Get the look: Simply pull hair back and low. Concentrate on securing the ponytail right into the nape of the neck. Adjust the look to your liking. For a tighter look, add tension by pulling on the ponytail itself. Loosen the style by softly pulling hair out where the ponytail is fastened, just above the elastic.

P.S. – Another trend that I’m loving along with the pony is to use a simple black hair band to secure the look, leaving the band exposed.


We’ll be seeing an abundance of lovely hair adornment this year, from headbands, to hair bows, to barrettes, to wraps. Since we are seeing such a trend towards loose, undone styles, accessories are a chic easy way to quickly change up a hairstyle and take it from day to night.

Get the look: Simply pull hair back into a low knot or easy twist and accessorize.

Credits: Photos 2-6 courtesy of TRESemmé