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Editorial Director Kathryn Floyd at the Rebecca Minkoff Fall ’13 runway show.

Meet Kathryn Floyd – Editorial Director for Rebecca Minkoff a.k.a. the stylistic visionary who pieces together the looks for every photo shoot, ad campaign and runway show. (Cool job, huh?)

Read on to find out her perspective on fashion week, her tricks for staying energized and what she loves about this season’s collection.

What is your primary role during fashion week?

As the editorial director, I work with Rebecca and the design team and style team to ensure that we are putting together looks that are on-trend and have a cool, editorial feel but always speak to our girl.

What other teams within Rebecca Minkoff do you work with to make it all happen?

I work with the design team and Rebecca on putting together the show, the e-commerce team to work on our shop-the-runway initiative, the social team on any specific projects they’re working on and making sure they get the proper access and imagery they need, and I do all of our celeb and blogger fittings for the PR team.

How did you prepare for the big day?

Trying to get as much sleep as possible…and avoid this popular flu that’s going around. I’ve been throwing back the Berocca and taking Organic Avenue’s Enlivening E3 shots nonstop.

What’s the one thing that helped get you through the day?

What got me through the day is knowing our incredibly talented team worked their tails off to make the show a success!

Do you have any fashion week prep routines to help get you through the week?

I always try to get some sleep and exercise in. I try to do at least one Soulcycle or Barry’s class in between the madness and attempt to eat healthy, but that doesn’t always pan out. No time for facials or manis, unfortunately…relaxation will come after Friday.

Any fashion week vices?

Lots of coffee and Diet Coke – and a glass of wine at the end of the day!

What do you love about your job?

I love working with the collection from beginning to end…seeing the clothes for the first time, developing looks with the team, putting the order of the show together. And when it comes time for the show, your heart always beats a bit faster seeing it all come together with the girls, the hair and makeup, the music…

What’s the most exciting part about fashion week?

The most exciting part is the show, of course! The minute the music starts and the first girl walks out. You kind of hold your breath until Rebecca walks out at the end and you know everything went smoothly. You can relax a bit after the reviews come out and know that all of the hard work was worth it.

Tell us about this season’s show and collection.

This season there are a lot of amazing, new shapes for us in leathers…great quilted minis, gorgeous trenches, and chic biker jackets in white, commander green and camel. I’m obsessed with all of our winter white leathers! I am also excited for our outerwear – there are so many great coats in herringbone and techno tweeds. The overall inspiration was astronaut suits…you can see it  in jacket shapes and in the sleeve detail, and all of the cool, techy fabrications. And most of the prints have a nebular focus, as well.

At the end of day, what made this a successful show?

Each season, the Rebecca Minkoff girl pushes the envelope a bit more…she’s more confident and willing to take more risks. Our show is successful when you combine the elements of great music, cool models and, most importantly, fantastic, new clothes. Each season, we show stronger, new shapes in cool fabrics and textures. We want our girl to take risks and invest in cool, edgy pieces that she can introduce into her everyday wardrobe.