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Being the director of PR during fashion week is like running a country – you think we’re kidding. She runs the show, literally, from A to Z – A being ALL the prep work that goes into it and Z being the two days of non-stop ZZZs she’ll be getting when it’s all said and done. You can ask her anything: “What’s Rebecca’s call time?” or, “What size shoe does Look 12 wear?” She’ll know. Because when it comes to fashion week, she knows everything.

Today, we get a glimpse into the hectic (but oh-so-fun!) life that is the Senior PR Director at Rebecca Minkoff. First up in our “Day in the Life: NYFW” series, Brie Katz Waldman spills her prep routines, beauty secrets, vices and what it takes to pull off a successful show.

What is your primary role during fashion week?

I’m basically the organizer and the go-between for all channels to manage schedules (I send out the call sheet!). I hire the production company and work with them on logistics. I also hire and work closely with the casting director, stylist, hair team, makeup team, nail team and music artist(s). I oversee the celebrity guest list and dressing, and I work with the internal teams to make this all happen. Being the director of PR, I am also responsible for all the public communications and press surrounding the show, the collection and Rebecca.

What are you doing this week to prepare for the big day?

Going over every detail with a fine-tooth comb! Making sure all contracts are signed and everyone knows where they should be and when.

Give us a glimpse of a day in your life this week – what’s on the agenda?

This week, I finalizing the seating chart, prepping for the after-party, and accompanying Rebecca to all the places she will be interviewed.

What a busy week! What helps you get through each day?

My team gets me through the week! The PR coordinator and I have worked together for a few seasons so we’ve developed a routine that’s basically spoken in our secret language at this point.

Any fashion week beauty tips? 

I have been using this mask hoping that it makes me look less tired. It’s called the Hydrating Gel Mask by Susan Ciminelli – it’s really a miracle! Other than that, I drink a lot of water and have been taking a ton of vitamins, Oscillococcinum and an herbal cold & flu formula by Quantum Herbal Products – it’s made of whole plant concentrate and kicks everything bad out of my system!

Do you have any fashion week vices?

Diet coke! I try not to drink soda, but during fashion week all bets are off.

What do you love about your job?

I love the fashion industry and the constant hustle and bustle of the job.

What other teams within Rebecca Minkoff do you work with to make it all happen?

All teams – it really requires a lot of coordination. The PR department works with sales, design, art, styling, e-commerce, marketing… and the list goes on!

Do you have a go-to fashion week outfit?

Becky Jacket and Dante Boots!

What’s the hardest part about your job?

I can’t answer this this week because everything is hard!

At the end of day, what will make this a successful show?

If everyone is smiling afterward, then I’ll be smiling too!

Credits: Photo via Racked