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Closet space is the final frontier of city living. Some people just shove the inevitable overflow under the bed or in the kitchen cabinets (that’s what they’re for, right?).  When lifelong friends Sari Bibliowicz and Sari Azout were living a post-grad, tight budget, small-apartment life, they began a collaborative lifestyle. With no room to spare, they joined wardrobe forces with five other friends, and voila! They suddenly had access to endless options. The two created Bib + Tuck as a way of bringing this idea of sharing to the masses. Now, people can expand their style options without having to increase the size of their closets. We caught up with Sari Bibliowicz about their

Where did the name Bib + Tuck originate?

SB: Our name actually comes from an old English aristocratic phrase where women were told to “wear their best bib and tucker” – meaning wear their finest outfit. We liked the line and made it our own: To ‘bib’ is to give and to ‘tuck’ is to take.

How does it work?

SB: The process is simple: Members upload pieces they are ready to let go and sell them for a B + T currency called “bucks.” In turn, they can use the “bucks” to buy anything else they want on the site. The moneyless system gets us back to what we originally loved about shopping: expression, creativity, and fun.

Do you use it yourself? If so, what has been your best “tuck”?

SB: Definitely! I’ve scored some awesome tucks. I hate to play favorites, but if I had to choose, I’d say my best tucks are an awesome vintage fur coat and a handmade ring from Mexico.

What can we expect to find on there?

SB: There are some great pieces including an Alexander Wang cropped sweater, a Dior limited edition bag, a gold leather skirt, multi-colored sequined Phillip Lim dress, a black retro Missoni hat, a bright turquoise Christian Lacroix blazer, a vintage Oscar de la Renta brown oversized coat, Brian Atwood crystal detail pumps, a camel-color Prada leather jacket – and the list goes on.

Where does your style stem from?

SB: I never have one single style inspiration – my inspiration comes from people in the NYC streets and around the world (I’m big on travel). As Sari Azout once said “Sari B is the perfect combination of urban chic and bohemian with an edgy twist.”

What is your most treasured item that you could never bib?

SB: My hand-me-down Birkin. Not because it’s an iconic bag, but because it was a gift from someone very dear to me.


Credits: Photo courtesy of Sari Bibliowicz