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Digital Darlings – Part 1

Cards have always been around to denote our status – there were dance cards and business cards, and now there’s Fohr CardHolly Stair, along with Rich Tong (former Tumblr fashion director) and James Nord (photographer and blogger), has founded the site as a directory of fashion bloggers and creatives – and with fashion week right around the corner, you better be signed up for this fashion-friendly networking tool.

Hailing from Hudson, New York, and currently residing in the Lower East Side, Ms. Holly Stair has always been on a quest for cool. Her personal blog, It’s Vintage, is a treasure trove of old-school inspiration with a modern twist.

How do bloggers use Fohr Card?

HS: Bloggers create detailed profiles after connecting their Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and respective analytics accounts. Brands subscribe to Fohr Card to better find and verify people they would like to work with.

What was your inspiration to create the site? How has your personal experience influenced the idea for the site?

HS: My co-founders and I were always being asked questions like, “Do you know great bloggers in Chicago?” or “Do you know any amazing photographers to shoot backstage at our show?” and we knew there had to be a better way to find these people.

We love how Fohr Card is functional and fashionable.  What is the aesthetic inspiration?

HS: Rich is an incredible designer and designed the site from scratch. We wanted it to be very clean, sophisticated and functional.

Where can we find more of your style? How would you describe your look? 

HS: I (try my hardest) to update my blog It’s Vintage with personal style posts as often as possible, but I’m always re-blogging and pinning vintage inspiration images. My aesthetic is very retro inspired, borderline grandma. Actually, more like risque grandma. Grandma in a mini skirt.

Who is your current style inspiration?  

HS: Currently trying to channel Sharon Tate, Ulyana Sergeenko and always, Linda Fargo. Sharon Tate had the perfect 60s eye makeup and loved a turtleneck and mini skirt.

What music are you listening to right now?

HS: Currently listening to all the shows I have lined up for the next month: Gemini Club, G-Eazy, Local Natives and Solange.

Credits: Photos courtesy of Holly Stair