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As a child who played dress up in her mother’s Issey Miyake sponge cloth robes and Yohji Yamamoto velvet capes, Julia Jacobson was destined to find her place influencing girls’ grown-up wardrobes. The Chicago native founded NMRKT as a place where you can find your new favorites with the ease of rummaging through your mom’s designer closet.

How does NMRKT fill our online shopping void?

JJ: NMRKT is a marketplace that connects consumer demand directly to emerging and mid-level brands’ and retailers’ supply. We curate a collection of “un-Google-able” brands and match what users are “in the market for” with their product.

What was your inspiration to create the site?

JJ: I was a buyer and watched as consumers moved lightyears forward in their shopping habits while the industry stayed still. I created a site that facilitated a direct line of communication between fashion-conscious consumers and the emerging and mid-level brands that deserved a shot.

How do you celebrate your industry favorites?

JJ: Once a month we host the Fashion Series – a party celebrating emerging talent in fashion – hosted by a different blogger and brand each month. We also have a featured suggestor on our site every month, and have started to produce a seasonal runway show called LOOKS. The industry’s top bloggers, editors and fashion directors curate multi-branded looks to walk the runway.

How has your personal experience influenced the idea for the site?

JJ: I am an avid online shopper and felt the fragmentation there as a consumer as well. I was recently looking for a faux leather pleated mini skirt, so I Googled it. The results were sub-par used items from eBay, crafted product from Etsy and a handful of bondage (haha). NMRKT solves this problem for you. Type in what you’re in the market for, sit back, relax, and let our brands, retailers and stylists suggest to you from an untapped database of cool and unique product.

Who is your style inspiration?

JJ: My mother has always been and continues to be my style inspiration. Still to this day, I wear her clothes during fashion week because they are so unique and expressive. She taught me to wear clothes that express who I am and what I am feeling, not abide to trends that will come and go. My look is (hopefully) similar to my mom, a little sophisticated and sleek, a little raw and edgy, a little demur and a little sassy all wrapped into one.

 Credits: Photo courtesy of Julia Jacobson