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Whether you’re rooting for the Ravens or the 49ers (or just there to eat, drink and pick up cute guys), where you watch the Super Bowl can make or break your Sunday afternoon. Finding the perfect place – just the right amount of dive and debonair with a minimal level of fratty – can be harder than it seems, so we’ve compiled our list of alternative, and might we add fun, places to watch the big game, avoid the crowds and feel cool while you’re at it.

1.  La Birreria – A traditional, rooftop beer garden with Italian flair (think house-brewed ales and beer-hall style sausages), La Birreria is both a festive and delicious place to park yourself for game day (that is, if you can make it past the cheeses, wines, pastas and desserts in the Italian-food mecca better known as Eataly on the first floor).

La Birreria is located at 200 Fifth Avenue between 23rd and 24th Streets, on the roof level of Eataly.

2. The Woods – Channel your inner hipster and hop on over to this woodsy-meets-industrial space that’s chock-full of cheap drinks and even hosts a taco trunk on the back patio for all of your pre-game, game time and post-game snack breaks. After all, all that cheering and drinking is sure to work up an appetite.

The Woods is located at 48 South 4th Street between Wythe and Kent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

3. Cocktail Bodega – Never have being healthy and getting intoxicated worked so well together than at this little LES joint by Matt Levine and the crew behind Sons of Essex. (Yes, we’re talking alcohol-infused smoothies and fresh juices.) You might find yourself thinking, “Wait a minute, doesn’t the booze cancel out the health benefits?” Possibly, but we like to think we’re killing two birds with one stone. Cheers to good health! (P.S. – They’re offering a $35 unlimited wings and beer special!)

Cocktail Bodega is located at 205 Christie Street at Stanton Street.

4. Brooklyn Winery – A sophisticated wine bar might be the last place you would think to go to watch sports and high-five complete strangers, but Brooklyn Winery sure has the elbow-room, communal style tables and plethora of drinks to accommodate fans of both football and a fine wine.

Brooklyn Winery is located at 213 N 8th Street between Roebling Street and Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

5. Dry Bar – Sometimes a girl just needs a blow out, free champagne and a big screen TV. Luckily, such is the offering at Dry Bar. If you’d rather watch the Super Bowl sans rowdiness and beer stains, just book an appointment at your local Dry Bar, put the game on the tube, cheer on your favorite team and look good while you’re at it. If football isn’t your thing, you’re sure to find re-runs of Sex in the City playing on repeat, and the good news is, Girls comes on at 9 p.m.

Dry Bar has five New York City locations: Flatiron, 4 West 16th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues; Midtown at Le Parker Meridien Hotel, 119 West 56th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues; Murray Hill, 222 East 34th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues; Upper East Side, 209 East 76th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues; Tribeca, 180 West Broadway between Leonard and Worth Streets.

Still can’t decide where to watch the Super Bowl? Make it a game time decision!

Credits: Photos via online.wsj.com, plateoftheday.com, nytimes.com, epicurious.com.