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Milk & Honey Redux

Milk & Honey

The concept of Milk & Honey—Sasha Petraske’s now-defunct members-only mixology den on the Lower East Side—was simple. Once you acquired the unlisted phone number and nabbed a reservation, you entered the neo-speakeasy’s non-descript entrance, took a seat at one of its exclusive booths (or the coveted bar seats) and described to your waiter your ideal drink: light or strong, sweet or sour, whiskey or gin, etc.

Now, the buzzed-about bar has moved uptown to the Flatiron district, and a few changes are in store. Firstly, the new incarnation operates under an email invite system instead of a private reservation line. They also allow a few walk-ins each night. And in addition to the bevy of drink options, they plan to add sandwiches and bistro dishes in the coming weeks.

For the most part, however, things are exactly the same as the previous location. There are no menus: The waiter asks for your preferences, and makes a drink according to your liking. When it arrives on a shiny silver tray and you take that first sip, you may wonder if your server has ESP. Like the old Milk & Honey, the new outpost boasts a range of fresh ingredients, which the other week included pineapple juice and muddled cherries—but only for those who had a penchant for sweet drinks.

Milk & Honey DrinksInside, the space is pretty bare. A large wood bar with a Mondaine clock sits on the right side, nestled between two small rooms filled with rectangular booths—each lit with a small white candle. The booths are big enough to fit 4-6 people, but can comfortably seat two. This, coupled with the dim lighting and the strong, made-to-order cocktails, makes it the perfect place for a date night.

Milk & Honey is located at 30 E. 23rd Street between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue South.

By Claire Stern