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Shoes in the City

Christine Olsen

Answer #2 to our Shoes in the City Quiz is Christine Olsen! Christine is the Communications Manager at the CFDA and the digitally-savvy woman behind the fashion organization’s social media channels. Whether she’s tweeting about an emerging must-know designer or fashion’s hottest events, Christine is your ticket to behind-the-scenes peeks into the industry. Learn more about Christine in our Q&A below!

Tell us a little about what you do at the CFDA.

As Communications Manager, I manage our digital media including cfda.com and our social media. But I also have a non-digital side to my job which includes managing events, communications such as our annual report, and initiatives such as the CFDA Fashion Awards. We’re a small office, so everyone in the office works on a lot of different projects at a time. It’s fantastic because the work day flies by and each day is different.

What are some of your favorite NYC spots?

Little Branch in the West Village is my absolute favorite hang-out. The speakeasy feel is so old-NYC, the drinks are all made with freshly squeezed juice, and the rules posted in the bathrooms make me laugh every time. For a day off, who doesn’t love the Met and a walk through Central Park? Never gets old.

What is your favorite type of shoe and why?

As an ex-chorus girl – I love anything that makes your legs look long! I don’t play favorites – I just want my legs to look as long as possible.

Tell us about the shoe you’re wearing and how you styled it.

I am wearing the Mirra shoe, and they are so pretty so I needed a feminine dress. Of course I wanted to show off the ankle straps (which remind me of ballet slippers) so I chose a shorter shift that complemented the peach color. And for the record, they were really comfortable.

What is your top shoe advice?

Of course they should make you feel good but I also think that you should be able to walk gracefully. (Once a dancer, always a dancer.) Nothing looks worse than when someone is struggling to walk in their shoes. Higher is not always better.

What three types of shoes should every girl have in her closet?

- The equivalent to the LBD, a classic black high heel. The ones that go with everything but make you feel like fantastic.
- Cliché but this girl has to have a ballet flat. More power to anyone who doesn’t wear flats but I’ll confess that I often have a pair hiding in my tote.
- A frivolous pair that you spent way too much money on but are game-changers. You know the ones.

What is your fondest shoe memory?

When I was four, I only wanted to wear my patent leather Mary Janes. They were so pretty and shiny…

Follow Christine on Twitter @CFDA.

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