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Digital Darlings

When it comes to passion for digital, few have it more than Stephanie Miller, Social Media Editor at SELF Magazine. Whether she’s Tout-ing with celebrities or creating workout playlists on Spotify, she’s constantly pushing the digital envelope for the top fitness glossy. Stephanie shares her best social media tips, what’s on her SXSW packing list, and more in our Q&A below.

Tell us a little bit about what you do for SELF.

I bridge the gap between print and digital; the goal is to create a 360 experience for our readers and make SELF a must-follow across all social networks. Our reader is consuming media and our magazine in dynamic way: print, iPad, Nook, tweeting, pinning and she’s spending record breaking time on Self.com. It’s a completely interactive experience. I manage all (nine) of SELF’s social channels – from day to day editorial content to strategic partnerships and bespoke social initiatives such as our first Google+ Hangout series, partnerships with Spotify and collaborative Pinterest campaigns with celebs, trainers and brands. It’s a very entrepreneurial role.

Why do you like working at SELF?

We have a seriously talented Print and Web team. SELF recently unveiled a new look and feel with our March issue and re-launched Self.com. Our #MarchMakeover has gotten an incredible response, which is exciting and rewarding. And our Self.com team consistently pushes the envelope.

What is your advice for other women working in technology/digital?

We may be in the digital age but you can’t beat the power of a handshake and an in-person meeting. A good ‘ole informational interview or offering to buy someone a cup of coffee as you ask them for perspective on an industry is one of the best ways to make an impression.

Aside from networking, start a blog. Build your personal brand. Be active in the space in which you want to counsel. If you’re on Twitter, don’t tweet just to tweet. Find your niche. If you’re into tech, share and comment on the new Google glasses. Use social as a vehicle to opine on the topics that you’re passionate about. Have a voice.

Also, social media should be part of your DNA. People always ask me if I ever “turn it off.” The answer is no. It’s part of my day-to-day life but I don’t let it impact my interpersonal relationships. I don’t check my phone or tweet at dinner. If I check into Foursquare I do it before I walk into the restaurant, and if I want to Instagram a photo of a cocktail, often times I’ll share it as a #latergram. You can live and breathe social and not look like a 16 year old who can’t have a face-to-face conversation.

If we stopped you on the street, what would you be wearing?

Nike dunks, a white tank, leather jacket, and massive tribal scarf.

What are your style essentials?

I rarely take off my @StephaniePaige Twitter Handle necklace from Shame On Jane, and I always have my Retrosuperfuture shades in my bag.

What spring trends are you the most excited to try?

The tuxedo jacket. Love a strong blazer, with a floral bustier. Dying over these looks.

What is in your bag right now?

A pair of Yurbuds (best athletic ear buds for long runs, never fall out), iPhone with my neon blue Speck case (I drop everything), Wrigley Winterfresh or Spearmint gum, business cards and random bracelets and earrings that I shed as the day gets long and I want to be accessory-less.

What music are you listening to right now?

I’ve been on a NIN and Trent Reznor nostalgia kick. And Alabama Shakes. I’m weird. I know.

What is on your packing list for SXSW?

The Rebecca Minkoff Becky Blazer, boots, skinny jeans, a camel leather dress, a floppy suede jacket, running kicks (Summer 2013 Nike Free’s and Ryka Desire’s), my boyfriend’s watch and a Mophie portable power charger for my all of my “I’s”.

Follow Stephanie on Twitter @StephaniePaige.