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Flower Girl

Where the worlds of fashion and flower meet, you’re bound to find Denise Porcaro. Favored by the likes of Zac Posen, Porcaro recently opened her first stand-alone shop, Flower Girl, on the Lower East Side. Here, rustic chic is at its best—whitewashed brick walls enclose the intimate, greenery-filled space; antique-looking vases, rough-hewn crystals, and creamy notecards round out the merchandise. With her two little Chihuahuas Penelope and Piper running underfoot, Porcaro gave us the lowdown on spring blooms.

How did you decide to become a florist?

When I graduated [college] I was working in the restaurant business to pay the bills, and I started doing flowers for one of the restaurants that I worked for. I wound up getting word-of-mouth praise and got more clients, and there I was.

How long has Flower Girl existed for?

I had the service side of things forever, and then in 2007 we became a retail store with Ernest Sewn. And this is five years later. We’re a flower retail store, which does just regular deliveries, and a shop. So there are vases, terrariums, a variety of plants—all that kind of stuff. Then we do a huge side of events and weddings and a whole service side of things too [restaurants, personal homes].

Tell us a little about your aesthetic.

I’ve been known to have really lush arrangements, and they always have a distinct edge of some sort. I’m a New Yorker. I love the changing seasons of New York—the flower market allows for a lot of amazing, fun stuff.

How can our readers use floral accents in their apartments/homes for spring?

I always feel like having fresh flowers in small areas—on a bedside table, in your bathroom—makes such a difference. It’s a great time to open the windows and have flowers in every room, but you can even just address those two little areas. It’s also a great time to bring color in.

What are some of your favorite spring blooms?

I love tree peonies. Everyone loves peonies, but tree peonies are like the most special thing ever. I also love sweet pea, because it’s scented. And I happen to love orchids, all different types and shapes.

Are there any flowers that are really trendy right now?

People are really into succulents in arrangements. I wouldn’t necessarily call it trendy, because the season changes. Flowers are more timeless than they are trendy.

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Flower Girl is located on 245 Eldridge Street, between Houston and Stanton Street