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Jason Kim

Our Spring 2013 editorial is an RM favorite so we’re excited to introduce you to the man behind the photos: Jason Kim. Jason is a NYC-based fashion photographer who has worked with some of the industry’s biggest brands and fashion magazines, including Elle, NYLON, V and French Glamour. For our latest editorial, Jason created photos that perfectly capture the spirit of our Palms Spring-inspired collection – vibrant, feminine and edgy. Get to know Jason in our Q&A below.

What are some of your favorite iconic photographs?

I really love old campaigns from the 90s. They were so strong and all about the story. The most important thing was building a brand identity and concept rather than simply selling clothes. One of my favorite images would have to be “The Kissing Nun” by Oliviero Toscani which shows a priest and nun smooching in beautiful airy light. So simple, yet so provocative especially for a campaign.

What’s your process for creating a concept for a shoot? What was it for Rebecca’s Spring editorial shoot?

It really depends on how much creative freedom I get for a certain client but usually the creative director will already have an idea in mind that I would use as a jumping off point. I always like to bring more ideas to the table in order to expand on the original concept and exceed their expectations. On a few cases, I’ll have complete freedom and the fashion editor and I will sit down and see what interesting things we can do with the collections that are out. I always try to find a story that hasn’t been played out as everyone always tends to do the same thing for a particular season. This is where working with a great stylist makes a huge difference.

In the case of Rebecca’s spring shoot, we worked off the vibe, energy, and colors of the collection. Its all very strong, yet really feminine and we wanted to bring that out in a colorful, light way while still maintaining an edge. For me it was all about showcasing the clothes in beautiful light with a gorgeous girl and great energy.

What’s the craziest shoot you’ve ever worked on?

We did an eastern inspired club kids story where we put these girls in dreds and facial piercings paired with the best garments of the Fall 2012 season. We sought to do a young, club kid take on Hare Krishna while still maintaining an expensive vibe.

What are some of your favorite inspiration sources?

I find inspiration from everywhere – cinema, literature, fine art, architecture, youth culture, music, or even abstract things like interesting color palettes I come across. It always depends on my mood and what I’m feeling at the moment.

How did you start your career in photography?

I started quite young while in high school. My mother had a great sense of style and a huge closet full of furs so I would peruse through it when she wasn’t home, dress up my model friends, and just photograph them. It kept me stimulated as a kid. I moved to New York after high school and the rest is history!

How would you describe your personal style?

Clean, minimal, and expensive.

As a photographer, what trends are you the most excited about this year?

For fall, I really love that designers are going really luxe but with very modern cuts, fabrics, and a darker edge. I also love that they’re mixing pops of colors with their blacks and neutrals. I’m already having tons of ideas brewing in my head for stories I’m dying to shoot this upcoming season!

Follow Jason on Twitter @JASONKIMphoto.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Jason Kim