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Digital Darling

Our newest Digital Darling is NYC It Girl Hannah Bronfman. With covetable style and major DJ skills, she can now add entrepreneur to her resume. This week marks the launch of Beautified, the new beauty booking app Bronfman co-founded. Read on for her summer beauty tips, Memorial Day plans, and the scoop on her new app.

Tell us about your new app, Beautified. How does it work?

Beautified books last minute beauty appointments through a highly curated list of salons and spas. My partners and fellow co-founders Peter Hananel and Annie Evans and I are trying to make booking beauty as easy and enjoyable as possible.

What was your inspiration to create Beautified? How has your personal experience influenced the idea for the app?

The app was created out of frustration. There had been countless times where I would be on a street corner wondering where to go. I didn’t want to search Yelp or Google and I didn’t want to call around to salons. So Beautified was born out of the idea that there has to be a better way.

What appointments have you made through Beautified?

I made a wax at Valley and I am about to schedule a blow out for tomorrow!

What are your go-to summer beauty and hair looks?

In the summer its so humid that my go-to hair looks are either the top knot, the wet hair look, and or a low slick bun. For beauty looks I think a nice lip is perfect. I’m starting to think that a matte lip is a bit much and that it might make the rest of your face look too dewy in comparison, so using a sheer with a bit a shine and glimmer is perfect. If I’m not in the mood for a lip, I’ll do a nice liner- anything from black to brights or glitter. The rest of the face shouldn’t have very much on it at all, just some sunscreen.

How do you decide what to wear in the morning?

I start with one thing, whether its a shoe or a high kee sock or a tee shirt, and the rest of the outfit comes together after that initial piece.

What’s on your list of summer style essentials?

I’m really having a shoe moment. I’m loving some big sandals paired with flirty tops/dresses.

Do you have any fun Memorial Day Weekend plans?

I’m going to Montauk with my boyfriend Brendan Fallis. We are djing at Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyers and we are pretty happy about it!

Download Beautified now and start booking!

Photo credit: The Coveteur