Mother’s Day – Part 1

In honor of Mother’s Day, we are dedicating the first few days of May to young mothers like Rebecca: stylish, successful and digitally savvy. Today, meet Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner of ultra-popular site Cool Mom Picks. With their disarming wit and excellent tastes, CMP has become a trusted, go-to resource for moms and non-moms alike. Their carefully curated selections and loyal following have caught the eyes of NBC’s Today Show, The Martha Stewart Show, and CBS The Early Show, who have all tapped into their expertise.

We caught up with the duo, who tells us more about their site, Mother’s Day plans and on-the-go essentials.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your website.

Kristen: I’m a mom of four (yes four!) who lives in the Atlanta ‘burbs. Even though I’ve generally got one hand on a computer keyboard and another folding laundry, I haven’t lost my love for shoes and bags. Hooray for big closets.

Liz: I’ve always had a heart for indie design, supporting small businesses and artisans. When I became a mom (now of two daughters), I especially loved the idea of supporting other moms–both the ones who needed product advice, and those who were creating wonderful businesses to support their own families. When Kristen suggested starting Cool Mom Picks to help curate the best of the best products, gear, and resources for parents, I loved the idea. 7 years later, we’re still enjoying every single day. Plus we’ve added Cool Mom Tech specifically to help parents navigate the world of tech. But it turns out many of our readers aren’t even parents–they just trust our recommendations.

What are your Mother’s Day plans this year?

Kristen: This is probably the first year I’m hoping to spend a relaxed Mother’s Day with my kids rather than enjoy a quiet afternoon to myself. Since my work schedule has picked up over the last few months, I don’t get to spend as much quality time with my kids as I would like, so I’m really wanting to make Mother’s Day a family day for us.

Liz: I love bridging the generations, and spending time with both my kids and my own mother on Mother’s Day is really important to me. I am so lucky that both my mom and my stepmother live nearby and are both such active, important, loving forces in my girls’ lives. If the weather holds, we may picnic in Brooklyn. Or we may go out somewhere for brunch. For me it doesn’t matter, as long as we’re together. (And as long as I get a handmade card. I live for those.)

What are your essentials as a mother? (beauty products, style essentials, tech accessories, etc.)

Kristen: I carry my iPhone and my MacBook Air wherever I go, sort of like my 5th and 6th kids. You’ll also find me slathering on Kiehl’s super light 50 spf facial sunscreen, which is a must-have living in the sunny, hot south.

Liz:  I’m another iPhone junkie–it’s my lifeline. As for my unplugged life, I am always stocked with Klorane Dry Shampoo which saves me a ton of time in the mornings; and if I only run out with one quick swipe of makeup to run an errand or head to the park with the kids, it’s going to be Bobbi Brown brow shadow and Burts Bees tinted lip balm. Style wise, I live in black boots of all styles, but when the weather gets warmer, I love tKees leather flip-flops which are an upgrade from the rubber ones I used to wear.

What website or mobile app is your secret weapon for helping you get through the day?

Kristen: I live by the Sunrise app, a free calendar that syncs with all your existing calendars (iCal, Google). I’d be completely lost without it.

Liz: My iPhone is loaded up with apps that keep me productive on the go! My must-haves are Camera Plus and Snapseed for photography; TripIt for business travel; Toca Boca apps for the kids; Artkive for storing the kids’ artwork digitally; Words With Friends (I’m a total addict); and a lot of social media apps to help me work remotely.

What are some RM products you are eyeing for this Mother’s Day?

Kristen: I’m completely obsessed with the gorgeous Cupid bag we’re giving away in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. I love the black with rose gold details, but I’m drooling over the mint! And I’ve had the Bazzle sandals pinned to my Pinterest style inspiration board for month’s now. Gorgeous!

Liz:  Where to start! I love so many of the bracelets, especially the big chunky ones. But I have a special thing for rose gold lately and I think the studded watch band bracelet would get a whole lot of wear. I also think the linen and leather Affair handbag is so swanky–what a cool bag for summer with a black dress. I always love classic shapes with a modern twist and Rebecca does that so well.

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway with Cool Mom Picks here.

Learn more about Kristen and Liz here. Follow them on Twitter @coolmompicks @thatkristen @mom101

Photo by Michael Greenberg

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