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Mother’s Day – Part III

We are concluding our Mother’s Day series with James of gorgeous lifestyle blog, Bleubird. A mix of great photography and thoughtful musings, Bleubird is the perfect mix of all the things we love in a blog. Learn more about this stylish blogger and her adorable brood below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your website.

My name is James Kicinski-McCoy. I have four children that drive me crazy in the best way possible. I embrace the chaos and cherish our days spent together as a family. At any given moment you can find us hiking in the woods behind our house, baking a cake in the kitchen, building block towers as tall as possible or dancing to music in the living room. I write a popular lifestyle blog called Bleubird that is centered around my family and our day to day happenings along with doing freelance styling and merchandising work from time to time.

What are your Mother’s Day plans this year?

Every year, my family takes me out for a delicious brunch and then we head over to the nursery to buy plants and flowers to plant in our garden. Then we spend the rest of the day repotting and planting in the yard. It’s become a tradition over the past few years that I treasure.

What are your essentials as a mother? (beauty products, style essentials, tech accessories, etc.)

I live in Ace&Jig dresses, and am addicted to Rosebud Salve, iced soy lattes, dry shampoo, Minnetonka Moccasins, my Clarisonic and my record collection. Some of my favorites to listen to are Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Sam Cooke and Fleetwood Mac.

What website or mobile app is your secret weapon for helping you get through the day?

I love Instagram. It’s really the only thing that I religiously get on on a daily basis. It’s fun to scroll through and see what friends and inspiring people are up to.

What are some RM products you are eyeing for this Mother’s Day?

I love the Knocked Up Baby Bag, Floyd dress, Cruz pants and the Becky Jacket.

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Photos courtesy of Bleubird