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At a recent Decoded Fashion event, we met Aussie beauty maven Ash Nand and learned about her genius new nail polish subscription service, Lacquerous. From luxe Tom Ford to your favorite Chanel, Lacquerous allows you to rent and share designer nail polishes for a flat monthly fee of $18 (think Rent the Runway meets Birchbox). Learn more about Ash and her new service below.

Tell us about your new service, Lacquerous. How does it work?

Lacquerous is a luxury nail polish club that allows women to try the lastest in nail polish shades and brands. You pay a small monthly fee and get your choice of three lacquers to try for a month.

What was your inspiration to create Lacquerous? How has your personal experience influenced the idea?

I simply couldn’t afford the $18-$26 every time I wanted to wear a new designer shade. I love nail polish but sometimes I need to accessorize with a color before I commit. Turns out there were other women out there who felt the same way and no service to allow us to do that. That inspired me to start Lacquerous.

What are some must-try summer nail trends?

Orange is the must have shade of the season. Also, I would also suggest every woman have a great white, like Dolce and Gabbana True White, in their collection. It adds instant chic to any summer outfit. Right now I’m wearing Chanel’s Pearl Drop.

What are your tips for the best nail application? What are your top products?

I’m often taking my nail polish to the salon (in New York a polish change can cost the same as Starbucks). For top coats try Seche Vite. As my friend says, “Seche Vite changes lives.” Also try Sephora’s Instant Nail Polish Remover.

What’s on your list of summer style essentials?

Other than Lacquerous membership (wink wink), a good pair of wedge sneakers. Lots of graphic tees. Pick up Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter for a summer romance. And Balenciaga Florabotanica has to be the scent of the season. Amazing!

Request an invitation to Lacquerous here.