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Our newest Digital Darling is Annie Georgia Greenberg, New York Editor of one of our favorite websites, Refinery29. With an affinity for cropped tops and panda puffs, she edits, writes, Instagrams and helps keep R29 the go-to place for fashion news and outfit inspiration. As big fans of her style and clever writing, we can’t get enough of Annie here at Rebecca Minkoff. She gives us a glimpse into her life as an editor below.

What is a typical day at Refinery 29 like?

A typical day at Refinery29 is like: rapid emails, buzzy headlines, funny banter, two bowls of panda puffs, a real photoshoot, an Instagram photo shoot, another bowl of panda puffs, and tons of organizing, editing, and writing.

Tell us about your role at Refinery 29. What is the coolest/most unexpected thing about being an editor?

The role of New York editor is always changing, expanding, and surprising me. Most recently, I got to spend some time at the #R29BeachHouse in Montauk where I met new people (and a few cute dogs!). But the coolest thing, I think, has been to learn peoples’ stories and then help write them. Social media and the web have constructed various external personas so it’s been a privilege to see how people are in person, what their homes are like, what their offices are like, how they define their personal style and themselves, what they stock in their fridge, who they look up to, etc. As for most unexpected: The past two years have included everything from going on VH1′s morning show after Aviva from Real Housewives and learning how to dance like Beyonce, to directing a photoshoot in Rio and watching Amanda Lepore perform in Savannah, Georgia.

How did you get started in the editorial and fashion world?

I’ve been interested in the experience of fashion (i.e. shopping, putting together a ‘look’, the transformation you feel when you put on the right garment) and in writing from an early age, so it felt natural to blend the two for a career. My first real internship was in fashion PR and my first real writing gig was for Nylon. Then, once I was introduced to the folks at Refinery29 (back in 2008), I knew I was in the biz for good.

What is one highlight in your fashion career?

Meeting Joan Rivers.

If we stopped you on the street, what would you be wearing?

8 rings, 4 earrings, 2 bracelets, something vintage, and something I just bought in the past week (or 24 hours).

What trends for fall are you the most excited about?

Suiting pieces, plaid, mini skirts, and big, boxy jackets.

What’s on your iPod right now?

I have a tendency to get addicted to a few songs and play them over and over again. It’s been Major Lazer (featuring Amber from the Dirty Projectors) ‘Get Free’ for a while now, but after meeting the band Friends (at the aforementioned #R29BeachHouse) I’m also really into their song ‘I’m His Girl.’

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Photo credit: Bek Anderson