Summer Flicks

Although summer is about outdoor adventures, sometimes we just want to curl up with a good movie and veg out for a bit. To make your life easier, we sorted through Netflix and picked out our favorite feel-good classics we know you’ll love.

1) Clueless – This movie taught us everything from how to wear knee-high socks to the importance of selfless good deeds.  If you have never taken note of Cher’s valuable life lessons (or need a reminder), now is your chance.

2) Roman Holiday – In this classic must-see romcom, icon Audrey Hepburn plays a royal princess seeking to explore the world on her own. The film is also a great source of style inspiration – it won the Academy Award for Costume Design.

3) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Take it easy this summer and watch this hilarious coming of age film about a high school boy trying to live outside the box – and breaking some rules along the way.

4) Grease – Do as the Pink Ladies did and call your best friends over for an old-fashioned slumber party to enjoy this ‘50s flick. Bonus points if you sing and dance along to the classic tunes.

5) Pretty in Pink – Get everything the 80’s had to offer (feather-haired Andrew McCarthy included) in this classic teen dramedy. Prom dresses, social cliques and forbidden crushes – you’ll be reminiscing about your own high school days.

6) Sleepless in Seattle – Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks made numerous appearances in 90’s romantic comedies but this one tops our list. Make sure you are in a judgment-free environment and have a box of tissues at hand before watching this tear-jerking love story.

Picture Credit: IMP Awards, Tampa Theatre, Emalia’s Filmroll, Residencia Internacional Sek-El Castillo, IMP Awards, The Chic Curve

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