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Catching Up With Zosia

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Zosia Mamet is doing it all: she stars in HBO’s hit show Girls and is the frontwoman of folk band, Cabin. We caught up with the multi-talented actress after her Saturday night performance at Rockwood Music Hall in LES. Read on to learn more about the band’s next album and how Zosia’s music career is helping her improve her acting chops.

Tell us the story behind Cabin – how did the band came about?

I stumbled upon music: it was never something I set out to do or thought I could do really, so the band’s sound has come about in a super organic kind of accidental way. It’s a lot of “does this sound good?”

Describe your sound.

Folk and blues have been huge influences on me along with bluegrass – I’ve definitely tried to emulate some of those sounds in mine.

What is next for Cabin?

We just started working on the next album, which will be recorded this fall. Beyond excited about it! It will still have the same soul, but I think the sound is shifting a little. I’m trying to let my music grow with me or vice versa.

How do you balance your careers in music and acting?

I’ve just really started my ‘music career’ about two years ago, so it’s still pretty new. It’s definitely an interesting juggle, being that music is something I can go off and do on my own, but acting I’m at the mercy of other people. Everything that I learn from each profession only enriches the other one. Music is something that I can have complete creative control over, which is an incredible feeling, and that type of creative fulfillment definitely helps me feel more free in my acting.

What’s inside your bag right now?

My cellphone, mints, a fork, my wallet, MAC Russian Red lipstick, my planner, writing notebook, sunglasses, matches, a protein bar. Oh, and a pen!

If we stopped you on the street this fall, what would you be wearing?

Most likely jeans, an oversized sweater, a leather jacket or my Worth jacket that my dad gave to me, and short black boots.

Describe your personal style vs. Shoshanna Shapiro’s.

Think of the two most opposite things you can in the universe. That is my style vs. Shoshanna Shapiro!

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