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Our newest Digital Darling is Lauren Indvik of Mashable. As Associate Business Editor, she covers everything that crosses the intersection of media, retail, and digital, and is always on the pulse of the latest fashion tech trends. Lauren shares with us her favorite part of being a Mashable editor, tech must-haves and style essentials.

What is a typical day at Mashable like?

I usually start checking the news on my commute. By the time I arrive at the office at 9:30, the cycle is in full swing, and for the first hour I’m playing catchup — seeing what news broke overnight and what still needs to be covered in the morning. My first story usually publishes around 10:30, and I try to get a second out before noon, while doing quick edits on other stories in my section. Every other day, I’ll meet a source for lunch, or for coffee in the afternoon. In between, I’ll push out another news story and work on a longer feature. By 6:30, I’m heading to a drinks with another source or to an industry event; on off nights I’m out for a run or going to yoga.

The office itself is very fun: We’re just as zany as the content we publish on a daily basis. Our headquarters is plastered with meme posters, and it’s not unusual to see an Internet-famous animal running around.

Tell us about your role at Mashable. What is the coolest/most unexpected thing about being an editor?

Although I carry ‘editor’ in my title, I spend about two-thirds of my time reporting. It’s a wonderful job: I get to spend the whole week reading, writing and talking to smart people. I enjoy the travel part of it as well: In the past couple of years I’ve spoken at conferences in London, Paris and Singapore, and this fall I’m heading to Amsterdam.

Any retail/fashion tech trends that we should all know about?

I’m particularly excited about trends in participatory design. There are so many more opportunities to create and customize your own products, from NIKEiD to Constrvct, which lets you screen-print the design of your own dress. 3D printing startup Shapeways is another one to watch. It recently released an app that allows you to design and print your own ring without the need for sophisticated 3D modeling software.

What are your style essentials?

I invest in a few basics I can wear many different ways — black dresses, nude flats, statement necklaces and a trench coat.

If we stopped you on the street, what would you be wearing?

Right now, a tee shirt, a bright A-line skirt, nude flats and a trench coat or jacket.

What trends for fall are you the most excited about?

It’s been a long time since full skirts were in for fall. I really like the textured wool ones Prada sent down the runway.

What’s on your iPod right now?

My summer playlist — a mix of Wilco, The Strokes and No Doubt.

What is one tech gadget you can’t live without?

A smartphone — I’d be lost without a maps app and 3G.

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Photo credit: Nina Frazier