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Earth Day With RM

To celebrate Earth Day, we sat down with Rebecca to talk about the small things we can do to better the environment and how’s she spending the day. Here are our tips for marking Earth Day — the RM way.

Rebecca body

Rebecca is passionate about recycling, both in the office and at home. Her routine is to “separate as we go” using metal, plastic, glass and paper bins.

Other small everyday steps she takes to improve the environment are “walking, biking and taking the subway.” She uses Citi Bike to get around New York City in style.


Unfortunately, Rebecca will be spending much of Earth Day in meetings, but she tells us her ideal day outside would be “gardening, or picking strawberries on a farm.”

For those of us stuck in the city today, Rebecca says her favorite shoes for a day of walking around NYC are the comfortable yet chic Frankie Flat and the studded Talia Too Sandal.

shoes 2

She likes the Mini Perry Tote in Acid Yellow for a day in the park (it’s just the right size for picnic essentials).

bag 2

Here’s wishing you a happy and green Earth Day.