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Satisfy your sweet tooth with this healthy reinterpretation of your childhood favorite fruit roll-ups. {A House in the Hills}

Fill up your cookie jar with this delicious round-up of cookies. {Huffington Post}

Rebecca shares the moment she realized she was destined to work in fashion. {Harper’s Bazaar}

Forget the roller coasters and princess autographs: We’re waiting in line for Disneyland’s food instead. {Foodbeast}

What would you gift Kimye for their wedding? Rebecca and other fashion industry veterans sound off. {Vogue Australia}

Moving out? We’ve all had our fair share of apartment-hunting drama. Here’s an informative guide to renting your first apartment. {Teen Vogue}

No more pining away for Carrie Bradshaw’s closet: Create your own dream closet with these tips. {The Glitter Guide}

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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