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Music Spotlight

Oh Land 3

We recently caught up with Danish singer-songwriter Nanna Øland Fabricius, a.k.a. Oh Land, and talked to the Brooklyn-based artist about her new music, dancing and festival style essentials.

First off, we can’t stop listening to “Cherry on Top” at our office. It’s kind of an anthem for we New Yorkers who are constantly working. What’s the message behind the song?

Yeah, it’s exactly that! That we tend to be so obsessed with goals and results that we forget the process. We live with blinders and run until we crash. The song is about the fact that you can’t be truly happy if you achieved your big dream but lost everything you loved along the way.

In the video, you show off some impressive dance moves. Did you dance growing up?

I actually have a B.A. in ballet and danced for 10 years at the royal Danish and Swedish ballet — until a back injury put a stop to it. I wore blinders and didn’t notice any of the alarms.

How was it to work with supermodel Helena Christensen in the music video for “Cherry On Top”?

I loved working with her, she has a great sense of humor and is a stunning person. She has lightbulbs in her eyes!

Where can we see you perform next?

I’m doing a lot of festivals in Europe this summer, but I will announce my next U.S. shows on my website soon.

Festival season is upon us… how would you describe your festival style?

My festival style is completely impractical! If I wanna wear gold sneakers, I do, and I have them 3 feet down the mud! I like gold and dresses, kimonos and colors. I don’t turn hippie when at festivals.

My festival essentials are earplugs, face wipes, fun hair color and a colorful raincoat (for the U.K. for sure!)

Check out Oh Land’s “Cherry On Top” video here, and tell us what you think.

Photo credit: Jeremy Williams

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