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Sample Sale Survival Guide

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It’s Sample Sale season, and the stampedes are charging full force to get the best deals and steals ahead of summer.

Because it can be a bit rough out there (pushing, mayhem, so many girls, etc.), we’re providing you with our very own Sample Sale Survival Guide to ensure you make it out alive (with your great buys).

1. Wear layers

Wear a bathing suit (or undergarments you’re not ashamed of) so that you can easily try on clothes without waiting in line for the fitting room. A loose fitting skirt is good for trying on pants.

2. No hobo bags

Carry a small handbag. You’ll constantly be bumping into people, and an oversized bag might take someone out. A small crossbody will let you weave easily in and out of the crowds hands-free and avoid traffic jams (and personal injury lawsuits).

3. Snack time isn’t just for school

Bring a snack (such as almonds or a granola bar) to hold you over while you’re browsing. You could be there for a while, and you don’t want to let your hunger get in the way of a great deal (priorities!)

4. Drink the water

Take a small water bottle in your bag so you stay hydrated. It can get very hot in there, and water will help you stay cool and collected amid the chaos.