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Music Moment


Haven’t you heard?

New York-based band MisterWives is the next big thing in indie-pop.

After getting together in 2012, lead singer Mandy Lee, drummer Etienne Bowler and bassist William Hehir gradually began taking over the NYC music scene. Earlier this month, they played to a full house at Brooklyn Bowl, and before that, their cover of Sam Smith’s “Money on My Mind” immediately went viral.

We chatted with Mandy of MisterWives (a cheeky take on “sisterwives,” since she’s the only girl in the band), about making music, living the dream and… being in love.

How did you guys start playing together?

I really wish it was a more interesting tale to tell, like we all met at a refugee camp after escaping the zombie apocalypse, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) that didn’t happen. Will and I met through a mutual friend and immediately started playing music together before becoming roommates. Shortly after, Etienne and I met since we worked a block away from each other at two different vegan cafes. Besides talking about soy bacon cheeseburgers, we bonded over music, so I invited him to come jam with us and that’s when the trio was christened.

You all share an apartment up in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. What’s that like? Take us through an average day at home for you.

Riverdale is a real hip place where the retired elderly folk flow like wine. We are probably the youngest and loudest people to live in the neighborhood, so we get a lot of noise complaints. Throughout the day, we’re either writing new tunes, recording new tunes, rehearsing the tunes, or answering interview questions about the tunes — and all the while acting looneytunes.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from life’s ups and downs and the people that are a part of these situations. So thank you, world! Music is free therapy, so it’s my way of coping with all these crazy emotions we humans feel. Family, breakups, heartache, loneliness, love, happiness — all of these are the perfect ingredients for writing music.

What are you listening to right now?

Walk The Moon and Half Moon Run are forever on our playlists… anything moon related, clearly. And Sam Smith — he’s a god.

What’s up next for Misterwives? 

Once we finish recording our first full-length album in August, we’ll hit the road with the incredible Bleachers.

Mandy and Etienne, what’s it like working together while being in a relationship? How do you separate the two?

Getting to pursue what you love most with the person you love most is the closest thing we have to magic. I will refrain from making you puke all of over your computer or iPhone or whatever you’re reading this on, but chasing your dream with the person you love winds up making you even more enthralled with your relationship and career. Et and I produce the music together in our little bedroom studio, so we work around the clock. It’s kind of tricky to separate the two considering they are both very intertwined, but it makes for more fun! Most bands tour and have to leave their significant others behind, but we spoiled brats get to travel the world together. It’s pretty rad.

Check out MisterWives’ single “Reflections” below!