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Music Moment

Earlier this summer, Scandinavian superstars Robyn and Röyksopp teamed up to release their joint single “Do It Again.” To go along with the track, they’ve now debuted an epic black-and-white music video depicting rebellion, passion and turmoil.

Speaking to Dazed about the concept of the video, director Martin De Thurah explains, “I worked with the idea of ‘what is our heart’s desire?’—and I realized that no one in the world truly gets to live out their passions. We are all under some construct, whether you’re an atheist living in Denmark or a gay person in Russia.”

Pretty heavy stuff for a thumping club track, but the video is beautiful and strangely fitting for a song all about living in the moment and giving into your temptations. See it for yourself above.

- By Karen Ho

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