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Summer Scene

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Look no further: We’ve found your new date spot.

Brooklyn’s brand-new restaurant Meadowsweet has all the ingredients you need for a fun night out — good food, good vibes, and one amazingly cool co-owner.

Entering inside after walking through drab Driggs Avenue, the place feels almost like a secret cottage hidden underneath the Williamsburg Bridge. Full of light, tucked away and featuring old school tiled floors and pretty printed wallpaper, the atmosphere is at once warm and hip.

As for that awesome co-owner we mentioned, Stephanie Lempert (who opened the restaurant with her Michelin-starred husband, Polo Dobkin), makes sure to personally check in on every table. She’s happy to tell you all about the herb-infused cocktails that come straight from Meadowsweet’s garden loft, share the story of how she and Dobkin met, and she’ll even weigh in on current celebrity gossip (if you prod her, like we shamefully did). Basically, she’s the sort of person that can talk to anyone about anything, making you feel welcome and at ease.

Ahead, what to eat and drink at your soon-to-be new favorite spot.


We suggest starting strong with the Friend of the Devil cocktail (Cabeza tequila, habanero, lime and cilantro). It’s crisp and refreshing, and the habanero gives it an unexpected kick.

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For an appetizer, we recommend the crispy baby artichoke with arugula, shaved parmesan and garlic dressing. The dish is light, delicious and healthy (at least that’s what we like to tell ourselves).

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For a main, go for the plancha marina (scallops, shrimp, monkfish and seppiolini), or try the Colorado lamb loin & rib if you’re in the mood for a heartier dish.

Photo credits: Melissa Hom; Tasting Table