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Wearable Tech Is Here


In a culture where staying connected is essential, we’re all too familiar with the daily struggle for more battery life and the unwelcome stress it adds to our lives.

Thankfully we have a solution: control the source rather than letting it control you. And look good while doing it (aesthetics, hello). Our wearable tech accessories are as pretty as they are smart, so you can get back to satisfying that perpetual impulse to check your phone.

Check out the collection and helpful GIFs below that show how these genius accessories work—help us help you stay connected so you can focus on more important things like landing that big promotion or posting a pic while on a night out with friends.

Tech it out!


Notification Bracelet, $120

The gold chain-link bracelet silently alerts you to important calls and texts through a Bluetooth pairing with your iPhone. It programs up to 25 contacts so that when they call or text you, the bracelet will vibrate.


Lightning Cable Bracelet, $58

This studded bracelet seamlessly converts into a USB connector to charge and sync your iPhone. Wear it along with your everyday jewelry, and just slip it on and off as you need to charge or import files onto your phone. The gold clasp hides the USB connectors so that no one will be able to see the bracelet’s technological capabilities.


Stud iPhone Charger, $78

This portable iPhone charger is just the right amount of rocker chic. It easily fits in your bag or clutch, eliminating the need to hunt down an outlet and awkwardly loiter along side it as you power up.

Check out the full collection here. #techcessories

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