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The I AM MANY Collective

To debut our Fall 2018 collection, we partnered with complex, diverse women who are making a difference while staying true to themselves.


Rebecca Minkoff

Designer Rebecca Minkoff believes in the power of collective success. The entrepreneur and advocate is the first to point out that many women supported her as she started and expanded her global lifestyle brand, and now she’s paying it forward. Pioneering designer, proud feminist, and a mother of three, Rebecca embodies the “I Am Many” ethos driving the brand forward.

Rebecca Minkoff, Founder and Fashion Designer

Rebecca Minkoff, Founder and Fashion Designer

"I believe there are many women who have my back, and that camaraderie is contagious."



Critically-acclaimed singer and songwriter Roxiny comes from a long line of female activists and revolutionaries. By working with women’s rights organizations and joining the Resistance Revival Chorus, she carries on their legacy. And then there’s her music. Raw, soulful, and not afraid to shy away from difficult topics like abuse, Roxiny’s music brings women together and simultaneously celebrates vulnerability and strength, resistance and forgiveness.


Roxiny, Singer, Songwriter, and Activist

"It takes courage to be vulnerable. I am fearless."


Autumn Greco

Intimidatingly intelligent yet surprisingly humble, Autumn Greco knows that being a research scientist and a fashion enthusiast are not mutually exclusive—and she embraces all sides of herself. The former child model began researching leukemia as a high school student, and now studies bioengineering at Stanford while opening doors for other young women who are interested in STEM careers.

Autumn Greco

Autumn Greco, STEM Student, Model, and Mentor

“I like being exactly what people are not expecting.”


Djali Brown-Cepeda

Emerging filmmaker and longtime activist Djali Brown-Cepeda is many things: a natural artist, a doula, a yoga instructor, a writer, and a recent college graduate. This native New Yorker organizes social justice actions, founded Students Decolonizing Academia while still a student at the New School University, and has contributed to publications such as ROOKIE and Galore. Her original web series, reign(a), focused on women who challenge cookie-cutter definitions of feminism—a description that also applies to herself.

Djali Brown-Cepda

Djali Brown-Cepeda, Writer and Activist

“I come from a long line of revolutionary women, who died on their feet rather than living on their knees.”


Deja Foxx

When Deja Foxx was sixteen, she went viral. The Arizona teen was captured telling her senator why he shouldn’t restrict funding to Planned Parenthood, and she struck a chord with many in her generation who are also frustrated that older male officials are making decisions about their bodies. Now a college student with political aspirations, Deja is being hailed as a new face of Planned Parenthood and the reproductive rights movement—no small feat of bravery in today’s climate.

Deja Foxx

Deja Foxx, Reproductive Rights Advocate and Student

“I was raised in an unjust world, but that doesn’t mean I have to live in it.”


Nadya Okamoto

Harvard student Nadya Okamoto is determined to make a point about periods. While still in high school, the activist founded PERIOD, a taboo-breaking non-profit organization that gives menstrual supplies to those in need and works toward social and legal change around menstrual equity. She is not just politically aware; she is politically active, having run for Cambridge City Council as the youngest candidate on the ballot. And all this before her twenty-first birthday.

Nadya Okamoto, Student and Activist

“I believe in the fundamental right for every individual to feel confident and capable to reach their full potential.”


Nadine Sierra

Nadine Sierra is a commanding presence, both on stage and off. She knows that women like her don’t usually become opera singers, but the Florida-born ingenue with a diverse background is taking the opera world by storm. Her debut album, There’s a Place for Us, eschews snobbery and instead brings together many different musical genres from multiple generations to unite both opera and non-opera fans alike with her message of hope and inclusivity.

Nadine Sierra

Nadine Sierra, Opera Singer and Pioneer

“When I step into a role, I embody thousands of years of history, and pay homage to the women artists who came before me.”


Clémentine Desseaux

The first thing you notice about French-born, NYC-based model Clémentine Desseaux is her effortless cool, an understated confidence that draws you in. But a few minutes of conversation reveals that Clémentine is more than just a model. Her organization, the All Woman Project, advocates body acceptance and inclusivity. And it’s taking off. Collaborations with major brands like Nike and Stella & Dot are already spreading the positivity.

Clémentine Desseaux, Model and Advocate

Clémentine Desseaux, Model and Advocate

"I am part of a revolution out to change the way we view ourselves."

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