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Santiago and Mauricio

Loved our Spring 2013 campaign, starring supermodel Hilary Rhoda? Meet the masterminds behind the photos: Brothers and creative duo Santiago and Mauricio. We caught up with the photographers about their inspirations and most memorable shoot.

What are some of your favorite iconic photographs? What constitutes a great picture?

We love images that tell stories. Helmut Newtown, Guy Bourdin made sensual, provocative, shocking, exotic, surrealistic images with strange and mysterious narrative. A great picture is simple, graphic, elegant and tells a story that leads the viewer to imagine. Also, a great picture is about the light that is used to capture it – this tells the story and mood in so many ways.

What’s your process for creating a concept for a shoot? What was it for Rebecca’s Spring 2013 campaign?

The process to create a concept for a shoot comes in different ways. Sometimes it’s all about the fashion or model, and [we] will create a concept around these. Or, sometimes you can create a concept based on the location and merge the fashion into it. For Rebecca’s campaign, it was a great location that integrated the amazing model and fashion. [It was] the perfect combination.

What is the most memorable photo shoot you have worked on?

Every shoot for us is memorable in different ways. Sometimes they can be so simple or sometimes very challenging, but they become memorable once you capture what we were imagining. One of the most memorable shoots probably was a film we did last year for Nowness, as it was so much to capture [everything] we had in our heads and only in one day. But we did get all and when the final piece was done, the whole long process was totally worth it.

What are some of your favorite inspiration sources?

For us, inspiration comes from many things but we love classical art, music, nature, technology, manga & japanese comics, films and a lot of the 80′s decade, as this was the time we grew up and many of those memories come to us as inspirations.

How did you start your careers in photography?

We both used to create many things since we were little and [while] we were growing up. We used to do films at home with our dad’s hand camera at the time. When we grew up, Mauricio went to Canada to specialize in film and special effects, and I went to Australia to study art direction and photography. We reunited ten years later in New York. We mixed the best of both worlds from photography and film.

As a photographer, what fashion trends are you the most excited about this year?

We love trends that are about shapes and silhouettes that elevate women and make them elegant. Newer trends can be fun as well, and they bring a new aesthetic and allow us to create more edgy concepts. We love the classic, simple and graphic and the modern and edgy.

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