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RM x Case-Mate

RM wearable

If you’ve ever dedicated your night to secretly trying to check your text messages during dinner or hunting for a place to charge your dying cell phone, you know there’s a need for tech accessories that are as fashionable as they are functional.

We got you.

RM has teamed up with Case-Mate to create a collection of wearable tech accessories — that you’ll actually want to wear.

On Friday, September 5, we’ll unveil our debut line of wearable technology at our Spring ’15 show at New York Fashion Week.

Above, Rebecca gives a little sneak peek of the collection, modeling our gold chain-link notification bracelet and studded lighting cable bracelet.

The notification bracelet connects with your cell phone via Bluetooth to discretely alert you of calls and texts from your chosen contacts, while the lightning cable bracelet connects to a USB cable to sync and charge your mobile device on the go. The key is that neither piece actually looks like wearable tech.

The compact mobile charger (also pictured above) easily fits inside your bag, and comes in an array of cool color ways and styles.

We’re also offering chic iPhone cases and wristlet that fits your iPhone and other essentials, which will begin rolling out with the other three pieces this fall and holiday season.

Get excited.

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