How to Make a Mask from a Scarf



Hey guys, I was really inspired by @tayehansbury the other day – if you don’t know who she is, you should follow her. She made a mask out of a Rebecca Minkoff scarf, so I’m gonna show you how to do that.


For the record, this is not a medical mask – scarves don’t work like that – or for emergency healthcare workers. This is just for those of us who, as potential transmitters, want to add a layer of protection and keep germs out. So, for a quick and easy way to wear a scarf as a face mask, check out the video and tips below.


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How to Wear a Scarf as a Mask


What you’ll need:
- Scarf or bandana
- 2 rubber bands or hair tie elastics
- Coffee filter or paper towel

1. First, put the paper towel or coffee filter in the middle.
2. Next, fold the scarf (or bandana) to the middle from the top, and then fold again to the middle, from the bottom.
3. Wrap a rubber band loosely around each end of the scarf or bandana.
4. Fold each rubber-banded end to meet in the middle of your scarf or bandana.
5. Hold the mask to your face, folded side against the skin, and tuck a rubber band around each ear and voila!




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