The Rebecca Minkoff x Morgan Stanley Banker Bag 2.0

For A New Generation of Women

Launched September 9, 2022 at New York Fashion Week – The Rebecca Minkoff x Morgan Stanley Banker Bag 2.0 is reimagined for a new generation of women. The Banker Bag 2.0, crafted from responsibly sourced olive tanned leather, serves as a harbinger of progress by empowering women to continue smashing glass ceilings with confidence and style within the financial services industry. When Rebecca designed her first iconic handbag in the early 2000s- the M.A.B. - she was inspired by the famous banker bag, a functional staple in the finance industry most commonly toted by men. Fast Forward 20 years, The MAB XL 2.0, aka the Banker Bag 2.0, features a small front pocket for essentials, a detachable strap for versatility, and Rebecca Minkoff’s signature zipper details. “I’m not only a fashion designer but a strong advocate for women in business. This project gave me a chance to rethink a style icon so that it reflects today’s gender diversity in banking—something I know Morgan Stanley champions as well.” -Rebecca Minkoff “Our intent isn’t just to launch a new bag; it’s to celebrate today’s increasingly diverse workforce and continue to champion progress and catalyze meaningful change.” -Alice Milligan, Chief Marketing Officer, Morgan Stanley