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2018, Let's Do This

Xo Rebecca

2018, Let's Do This

Cheers to a Happy New Year!

Here's how RM is goaling for it.

As you've probably heard, New Years is the best time to pull out a fresh new day planner and start planning a fresh new you. When the fat santa has sung and the champagne flutes are empty, it's goodbye to all that and hello to new life goals and rebooted routines. To kick off 2018, we're ringing it in with a focus on wellness and self-improvement — let's be the best, most fearless versions of ourselves. First thing on the agenda? Resolutions. So, in the spirit of goal setting, Rebecca shares the three boxes she plans on checking off this year.

In every life phase, you'll be confronted with something that scares you. You have to go into it being as fearless as you can.

Think about what you want to get out of the year, and the adjustments you need to make to get it. Remember it's not always easy, but if you take on your challenges with a fearless perspective, you'll go farther and feel better than you thought possible.


To jumpstart the new year, my overarching goal is to really dive deep and grow our RM superwomen platform. There is still so much to be done to help one another become more powerful, confident and work as a team to make true changes within society — and even in our own communities. This is the start! This is RM joining the conversation.

2018, Let's Do This


As I welcome another little one into my family, I'm attempting to sail into mother of three with some semblance of grace. I know I'm going to be under-slept, overspread and adjusting to life with now three kids, but I am really aiming to have patience and take this exciting time moment by moment.

2018, Let's Do This


We're launching several new categories very soon (stay tuned!), so I've been working overtime to make sure you love all the new designs that I've created with my incredible team. We can't wait to unveil this next chapter! Above all, know that your support means the world to us, even when we're not perfect!

Xo Rebecca

2018, Let's Do This
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