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Celebrate Motherhood Together

Celebrate Motherhood Together

That’s what we did with four RM Superwomen recently.

You have to lead by example, brace yourself for risk, constantly negotiate, and be open to criticism. Who knew being a mom was one of the most courageous jobs out there?

To celebrate this little gift called motherhood, Rebecca – herself a mother of three - led a fearlessly vulnerable conversation amongst four other Supermoms about the challenges, triumphs and realities of being a mom.

These women are all fierce leaders, launching businesses, managing deals, fostering talent and doing it on their own terms. They each have their own journey, their own successes and their own style. And, as part of the same tribe, they have each other’s backs. Which, for us, is the mother of all lessons.

Tze Chun

Founder of Uprise Art

Have a maternity leave strategy: “Instead of revving up, really wind down. Otherwise, it’s a shock to your system, it’s a shock to your organization, wherever you’re working, and it’s also a shock to your family.”

And peace when going back: “I get to spend a significant amount of quality time with [my daughter] in the morning, and I turn my phone off until after she’s gone to bed, so we have family time, and I have tricked myself into thinking that all I’m really missing are a couple of naps and maybe some bottles in the middle. That’s how I’ve stayed sane. And I do think that being well rounded, self-care, all these things are to the benefit of my child, not just me.”

Celebrate Motherhood Together


Marina Garcia Vasquez

Executive Managing Editor of

Keep dreaming: “In the past, I would look at success along comparing myself to peers. After having a baby and then going back to work, you realize actually your successes are in the time that you have for yourself, or in the time that you can rethink what your dreams are.”

And paying attention: “I had a really traumatic labor and afterwards, I went back to all my friends who had children before me and I said, ‘Oh my god, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you in the same way.’ I had no idea as a single person how to be there for a new mom.”

Celebrate Motherhood Together


Rachel Blumenthal

Founder of Rockets of Awesome

Find your calm place: “For better or worse, I’ve never read a parenting book, and I never read a book about being pregnant. It was really important for me to just sort of follow my body, and to follow my kids’ lead, and really follow my instincts. And I think that has made me a calmer parent.”

And leave the guilt behind: “Make sure that what you are doing every day is so meaningful to you and something that you’re really passionate about. So that when you are away, it’s something that’s really helping you develop as an individual.”

Celebrate Motherhood Together


Naomi Davis

Founder of Love Taza

Surpass your goals: “I always really looked up to women that were mothers. And I just so admired and respected what they were doing, and I feel like, if anything, it’s more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined. I mean, motherhood is hard, it’s crazy, it’s whatever – but I’m so surprised at how it actually still surpassed my expectations.”

And protect your future: “This is the first generation of having a digital archive and online presence. It’s something everybody’s navigating together. My husband and I talk about it almost daily and I think it’s just really important to be respectful of whatever it is that you’re sharing. Whatever you put out there is there forever.”

Celebrate Motherhood Together


And our very own

Rebecca Minkoff

About those kids: “As much as possible, try to treat your kid like a tiny adult. Letting them fall down, letting them figure things out themselves, and not doing things for them all the time or hovering over them. Showing them love, but also letting them have space.”

And her fellow moms: “I think what was nice about listening to these other women is that we all have diverse backgrounds and jobs but we also have very similar approaches to motherhood and raising our children and wanting to be there and be present, and knowing that help is essential.”

Celebrate Motherhood Together


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