March On, Superwomen

posted 2018 Jan by

A new era of feminism has arrived. 

Meet the women helping to lead the movement.

A year ago, last January 2017, we marched. We unified, raising our voices in support of women's rights, health, equality, diversity and inclusion. We saw what happens when millions of women, from all around the globe, stand together. It's thanks to superwomen, like the ladies featured in this series, that such momemtum continues.

The backstories of these women might be different, but they all have one very important thing in common — a determination to propel the feminist movement and create change.

From the leaders of The Women's March to influencers to artists and organizers, these portraits, shot by Sakara Life Creative Director Lianna Tarantin, capture today's new and emerging era of feminist activism.

On the helm of The Women's March one-year anniversary rally, the launch of the #PowerToThePolls campaign, we spoke with these fearless females about what makes a superwoman, why they're inspired to do what they do and the power of the vote.